How tarot cards help me remain focused and positive

Using Tarot Cards to remain focused

How tarot cards help me remain focused and positive

I get a lot of questions about how I can find motivation when stressed. Sometimes it’s hard, but tarot cards have always helped.

Let me start by sharing that I was raised as a Christian. I still hold many of those beliefs, but I also hold beliefs of other faiths. One of my main ones is Wicca, and that’s what initially made me turn to tarot cards. I don’t believe they offer all the answers, but they help me spiritually.

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For those who get turned off by religious posts, I’ll say now that this isn’t one. Not unless you believe in inner-focus and spirituality are only for the religious who might also be interested in reading this post about the Greek word porneia.

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How can tarot cards help with focus?

Tarot cards have long been a way to help me find balance. I gave up on them for a long time, slightly embarrassed that I was even using them. As an educated person, how could I possibly believe in something was written in the cards.

Well, it’s all about what I take from the cards. I don’t believe that the cards tell me my future. I don’t look at them to give me the answers about whether I’ll get a yes from the pitch I’ve put in or whether my client is going to let me go in the middle of a pandemic. Instead, I look at them to give me a feel of what’s happening, of the decisions that I need to make.

They give me something to focus on.

Modern Witch Tarot Deck
Every evening, I do a one-card spread. If I’m feeling extra anxious, I’ll do a two-card spread. I focus on the next day—24 hours from when I’ve drawn the card(s). With the one-card spread, it’s all about what’s to come. I get an idea of what I should be putting my focus on, whether it’s moving ahead with a decision I’ve made or being cautious with a pitch I’m putting forward. There are times that the cards are more focused on life with the kids, whether my homeschooling plan is working or not.

A two-card spread is a little different. The first card is the past and the second card is the future. It allows me to reflect on what’s happened in the last [insert time period here] and what I should focus on coming up.

With the look forward, I can set goals for the day. They’re what motivate me.

Using Tarot Cards to remain focused

I get to keep things positive and moving forward

Surely if my cards are negative, I can’t have a positive outlook, can I? Well, that’s where the tarot cards really do help me.

Without the cards, I’ve often found myself dwelling on the bad. I don’t always see what I need to put my focus on to be able to move forward. My motivation slips and I struggle to get anything done. I’m just a terrible person to be around. Ask my husband.

With the cards, I get a little more direction. I have that focal point, which helps me be a little more positive in my outlook. I get the motivation back because I have a goal for the day.

Once I’ve drawn the cards, I always write in my diary. I reflect on what the cards could mean and the direction I need to move in. I assess what has happened so far and why my mood is the way it is.

I often wish that I never allowed myself to get out of the habit of using tarot cards. I shouldn’t have let others’ perspectives cloud my own spiritual journey. Now I have my tarot cards (and I adore The Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle) and I can become more focused and more determined.

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What do you use to help get your focus back? What helps you with motivation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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