5 top tips to improve your sleep for better health

Top tips to improve your sleep

5 top tips to improve your sleep for better health

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When I don’t sleep well, my mental and physical health suffer. Here are my top five tips to improve your sleep for a better lifestyle.

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things for your health. Of course, as a mom, you likely laugh at the idea of a good night’s sleep. Aren’t we always woken up by something? And if you’re anything like me, sleep doesn’t come easily anyway.

It is time to bring an end to this problem. While you won’t be able to preven the kids from waking you up when they have a bad dream, you can improve the chances of falling asleep right away. And if you’re like me and have a few nights off a week because of split custody, you can make sure you get some uninterrupted sleep on those nights. Sometimes your gums need just as much attention as your teeth. Make an appointment with All On 4 Brisbane if you notice that your gums are puffy or inflamed. Look for the best orthodontics if you’ll ever need a treatment to ease the pain in your gums.

A good night’s sleep will boost your mental health. You’ll improve your work-life balance, and you’ll find you get sick less, as health and health professionals are important to keep people’s health, of course if you want to work in this field, there are high paying jobs in allied health which can be great for your career. I’ve found my depression isn’t as bad and that I’m ready to do more throughout the day, while also found that hypnosis training videos help me and others improve the mental state. I’m also a happier person when I am around my children. Click here to learn how to take cbd for better sleep. You may also use a high potency cbd 10000 mg cream to relieve any body pain you’re experiencing so you can sleep better.

What did I do to change my sleeping habits? Here’s how I did it, and how you can improve your sleep too.

5 tips to improve your sleep to improve your health

Do some exercise during the day

I know you’re going to groan at this. I hated the idea, but I have always found that doing a little bit of exercise has improved my sleep patterns. I actually feel tired by the end of the day.

You don’t have to do a lot. I started with the 7- to 10-minute workouts. That was it. I’ve since upped them to 20-minute workouts on the mornings I don’t have the kids and I try to get out for two 20-minute walks per day even on the days that I don’t have the dogs in the house—the dogs keep me active when the kids are home.

There are some great home workouts now. I love FitOn for the home workout videos, but I also do some wall Pilates as a bit of a cheat when I need it. It’s not even like it’s a cheat, but it can feel like it because I’m working on muscle instead of breaking a sweat. In the nicer weather, I also make sure I get out for a run at least once a week.

Get rid of the blue light

We spend a lot of time looking at blue light throughout the day. It’s from our computer screens, phone screens, and more. You need to get rid of that to improve your sleep. For the hour before you go to bed, look for things to do that don’t involve screentime. I recommend some of the Kindles* if you don’t want a physical book as they don’t all use blue light, but I’ve found physical books or just listening to podcasts help.

You’ll want to create a nighttime routine that involves the lack of blue light. That is something I did as soon as my ex got out of my house. I bought a great bedside lamp, would have a bath, and would then read for as long as I needed to feel sleepy. I have recently discovered edibles and have been taking them before I go to sleep. My favorite ones are sold by Stiiizy Vista Dispensary.

Find the right temperature

A lot of people will say you need a cool room to sleep well. I’ve found the opposite. I need warmth. Everyone is different, and if you want to improve your sleep, you need to find the optimum temperature for you.

This is a problem if you share a room with someone else. You both need to find a compromise. When this has been the case, I’ve often ended up with a hot water bottle! I still have a hot water bottle but only on the coldest nights of the year or when I need to deal with carpal tunnel in my wrists.

If you need extra warmth, add it. Just because the “experts” say you should have a cool room doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

Get rid of the light

It’s not just about blue light. You’ll want to eliminate all light to improve your sleep. You can’t always do this with curtains. You may need to invest in a good sleep mask.

Look out for sleep masks* that are light in material. You want something soft that isn’t going to damage your eyes. Natural materials are great as they’re more breathable.

If you don’t like sleeping with an eye mask, look for ways to get rid of the light coming in from outside. That natural sunlight is going to wake you up. The car’s headlights are going to be a problem. A set of blackout curtains is a good idea. Choose the perfect design and the right thickness of curtain fabric that will be perfect for your room.

Find ways to reduce noise in the room

You want to get rid of the sounds from outside. Passing traffic may not be too bad, but there are usually loud shrieks as people put on their brakes hard or loud noises when people use their horns. Then there is the issue of the people outside while you’re trying to sleep.

It’s time to get rid of the noise, and I don’t mean with earplugs. While they can be good for some, they’re not the best option. You’ll want to look into white noise machines.

I love my Google Home device* in my bedroom. I have a Spotify playlist that is all white noise sounds, such as thunderstorms and waves crashing on a beach. These are the white noise sounds that can lull me into sleep as I dream about the places those noises come from. You can also use animal sounds to help you sleep, or there are other white noise options.

Find what works for you to help you sleep.

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What are you doing to improve your sleep? Let me know in the comments below.

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