5 tips to make money online with Rover

5 tips to make money online with Rover

5 tips to make money online with Rover

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Rover can be a good way to make money online. Whether you want a side gig or a full-time income, here are my top five tips to make money.

If you adore pets, you may want to pet sit or walk dogs as a way to make some extra money. The good news is Rover offers a way to do that. It’s really simply to set up a profile. From there, you just need to put in a bit of work to make money.

You can make a full-time income out of Rover if you do it right. However, your goal should be on making a side income first. From there, you can build up your client base and your income levels.

Here are my five tips to make money online with Rover. You’ll want to follow them for marketing your profile and getting repeat clients.

Offer dog boarding as well as other services

There are four services that you can offer on Rover. You may only want to walk dogs, but if you want to make money online with this option, you’ll want to add in the dog boarding. This is the main reason why people choose to use Rover. They need someone to look after their pets overnight.

You can choose to do house sitting, but people don’t always like strangers coming to their home. Dog boarding is a quicker way to build the initial rapport with clients. From there, you can ask if they need other types of services.

People on Rover do make the most with the boarding in their own home. It’s also a little easier for you rather than going to someone else’s home.

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Make sure people find your profile to make money online

I slipped up when I first started with Rover. I didn’t keep my calendar updated*. Now I go in every morning just to confirm that my calendar is up to date. This allows me to ensure people know when I am and am not available.

I do make sure I block out dates further in advance than two weeks. This is just for my own sanity in case someone tries to book for later in the summer, for example. However, I just confirm that my availability is right.

This keeps my profile in the search results. It also helps me stay on track of what I’ve got going on.

Go above and beyond for clients to make them repeat ones

Another best way to make a living with Rover is to build up a client base. You want to get some repeat customers in. So, that means going above and beyond at first. Accept the last-minute appointments, and be flexible with pick up and drop off times if you can.

One of my bookings involved a puppy who needed last-minute boarding. The next day, the client kept me in touch with delays in her schedule due to traffic. That’s okay! I would be here until the puppy needed picking up. I appreciated that she was so upfront about delays and gave me a new ETA, though.

This led to a five-star review. I hope to have it turn into a repeat customer. My aim is to become someone that is reliable for boarding for all.

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As questions about the pet

When you have a potential new client*, respond to messages as soon as possible. This is great for the Rover algorithm. From there, you can chat about the potential client’s needs and the type of pet they have. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

Sometimes, you forget to ask questions at the drop off or before it. You can always message during the visit to double check things. My one is that I tend to forget to ask if a pup is on a feeding schedule. This is usually communicated at handover, but if not, I’ll followup with a quick message to find out.

Also, with puppies, I like to know if the owner is doing any obedience training so that I can help further that while the puppy is in my care. If not, that’s okay!

Take lots of photos to make money online

You want to showcase the level of care a pet is going to get when they’re in your house or on walks with you. When you only have your own dogs, showcase a lot of photos to show the care you provide your own. Show them sleeping on furniture (if that’s allowed) and show off some of the playtime.

Then when you get a client*, take photos there. Some clients will ask for photos during the visit anyway. This allows you both to stay in touch and can help to set new clients’ minds at ease. After all, they want to see their pet is adjusting well.

Photos go a long way to get five-star reviews, get repeat clients, and showcase your love and affection to potential clients. They don’t just read words but see it for their own eyes.

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What do you do to make money online with Rover? How are you making a side income? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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