4 tips for working on your day off

Working on your day off

4 tips for working on your day off

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When you’re a work-at-home mom with a business of your own, you don’t really get a day off. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation. It doesn’t mean you can have a day away from the computer. You just need to figure out how working on your day off actually works.

I regularly take weekends off. I’ll have a week coming off in the summer. That doesn’t stop me from having blog posts go up or from marketing via social media. How do I do it when I’m spending time with my children?

Here are my four top tips for making sure you still have content going up on a website or marketing material going up when you’re taking time off. These are my tips for working on your day off.

Plan ahead and schedule

This is my favorite tool for working on a day off. After all, I spend most weekends off the computer, but I still get all my work done.

I’ll schedule in advance. That means some good planning. I need to make sure blog posts are written, so they can be scheduled in advance to go live on the right day. I also make sure some social content is going up on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites that I focus on.

I don’t necessarily share content immediately after it’s posted. I’ll only quickly do this from my phone if it’s something breaking or important, but that’s not usually the case at the weekend. I can wait a day or so to share a new blog post on social media.

Get up early when working on your day off

There are days that I do need to do something small on what’s supposed to be a day off. So, I get up early to do it while everyone else is in bed. If it can wait, I’ll do it in the evening when everyone has gone to bed instead. I’m just glad to share that I found this latest hospital bed design for patient care most especially if one of my loved ones is sick.

I am more of a night owl when it comes to working, but I’m trying to change that. I do find my motivation is there more early in the morning now, but that’s due to changes I’ve made since my ex left.

Stay up later to do some work

As I mentioned, I am more of a night owl. Or I was in the past. If getting up early isn’t your idea of a good time, then why not stay up later? Get the work done when the rest of your family is in bed.

There will be a lot of people who tell you that you have to be an early bird to be successful at work. That’s not always the case. I know plenty of successful people who like to sleep in and will work later in the day. It all depends on how you work best.

Organize with everyone else to work

You could set a time in the day when you can do the work. This is okay if you have a one-off project that you need to complete but don’t let it become a regular thing. You want to plan ahead and schedule as much as you can so you’re not actually working on your day off.

If you really have to do things on the day—like TV recaps—then work earlier or later. Try not to do it when everyone else is up and waiting on you to get the work done. The only time I will work during the day is if the kids have plans that I’m not involved in (very unlikely) or when they’re doing some chores.

You don’t need to work on your day off. If you plan ahead, you can get everything scheduled ahead of time. This is my number one tip for being a work-at-home mom, especially with your own business. Get things posted and do the social media promotion later. I’ll be doing that tomorrow!

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How do you manage working on your day off? What do you need help with when it comes to being a work-at-home mom? Share in the comments below.

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