4 tips for working with a sick child in the house

Working with a sick child in the house

4 tips for working with a sick child in the house

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Children do not get sick at convenient times. You want to be there for them, but you need to work. Here are my tips for working with a sick child.

Being a work at home mom is hard work. Planning around children often makes it very hard to have a normal 9-5 business. And to be honest, when you’re starting you won’t have a 9-5 business anyway. It is all worth it, and anything worth having really isn’t that easy, of course if you have a sick child you should keep your house clean and pest free, and is when services online can help, providing you with a pest-free home to live and work as well.

The hardest part is working with a sick child in the house. This is something I’ve had to deal with a lot. Even when my ex-husband was here, I would end up being the one to do the care. My children wanted me when sick. Even now, the school will call me first when they’re sick, so it’s me who does the looking after.

I have to adapt quickly to make sure I didn’t miss any deadlines. It’s important to keep the flow going, especially when I’m trying to get ahead to take some time off for vacation or I’m just getting back from one.

These are my four tips for successfully working at home when you have a sick child who just wants snuggles in the house.

Work during naptimes

Like any normal day, the best time to get your work done is while your child is napping. Most children when they are ill will want to nap for longer, which you can use to your advantage. More hours to work!

You can then spend the rest of your day snuggled with your child as she fights whatever bug she’s been thrown. My kids don’t even tend to want to cuddle with me when they’re sick—and I’d prefer not to catch the bug. They want to hang out in their beds with their tablets. It’s a win for me.

Get up earlier when working with a sick child

The first day it happens you won’t be able to plan ahead, but the second day and any subsequent days you can. Get up an hour or two earlier. It may mean a little less sleep for you, but it’s not going to be forever. Once your little one is better, you will find it easier to get on with your normal routine.

You may find that your child wants to sleep longer during the morning. Let them do this, and get on with the work while you have some peace and quiet.

Go to bed later

Another option is to work through the night. This is the one that I prefer. I’m not very good at getting up on a morning and getting on with work. I’m a night owl and I’m not going to force my body and mind to change that when I’m nearly 40! So, I run with it.

Like getting up earlier, this isn’t something that will last forever. It’s a few nights while your child fights the infection.

Take on less work/extend deadlines

You don’t know how long this illness is going to last. Most of the time it’s just a couple of days, but it can go on for a week or two depending on the severity of it. Plan ahead for this by taking on less work, if you know you can take the financial hit.

There may be the option of extending your deadlines. Some clients will be understanding, and customers may accept that your family needs to come first. Communication is essential at this point. Don’t just turn something in late without speaking to the person about it first.

I get it that a lot of the time you can’t do this. I can’t that much any more now that I’m a one-income household. I end up missing work during the day and making up for it while my kids nap.

The good news is that as they get older, they’re much easier to deal with when they’re sick. They tend to keep to themselves more. At least, mine do!

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Being a work at home mom is hard, and when you’re working a sick child it’s even harder. They want to snuggle with you on the couch, and it’s worth having that quality time with them. It’s time to work around this. It’s not forever, so don’t get too stressed at the change in your routine. Go with the flow, and your child will be better in no time.

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