Why You Need a Tooth Fairy Tradition

Tooth Fairy Tradition

Why You Need a Tooth Fairy Tradition

My eldest daughter (Monkey) recently lost her seventh baby tooth. She’s only just turned seven and she’s already on the verge of losing her eighth. Monkey is already getting ready for the tooth fairy coming after they visit the Dentists in Chapel Hill, NC clinic, if you would like to be a dentist in the future then this page will tell you about the dental assistant School tuition.

What’s even cuter is that her younger sister (Peanut) is on about losing her first tooth. She’s only three, so she has at least one more year, but it’s made me realize that they’re looking forward to the tooth fairy tradition that we have set up. And, of course, the fact that they get money for their teeth!

I just hope they don’t get any ideas from Teen Titans Go! and start pulling their teeth for more money! You’ve seen that episode, right?

I’m digressing. Losing teeth is a right of passage for children. It’s something they can brag about, showing off the money they gained for trading in their teeth. But a tooth fairy tradition is more than that. You can create lasting memories with your children.

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Monkey has a purse with her name on it. This is the purse her tooth goes in and overnight the tooth fairy collects the tooth and leaves a coin in the purse. We encourage to purse to be placed close to the edge to make it easier for the tooth fairy to get under the pillow, because she’s only tiny, right?

TOoth Fairy Tradition

There are a lot of questions you’ll get when it comes to the tooth fairy and these are questions you’ll want answers to. Our go-to answers to questions are:

  1. Where do the teeth go? The tooth fairy gives them to new babies (our girls love recycling so accept this without thinking of the gross parts)
  2. How does the tooth fairy know where to come? Magic. Pure and simple.
  3. Where does she live? She doesn’t let us know that.
  4. Does she know Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Of course!
  5. Make losing teeth fun. It can be a scary time, especially if the tooth was knocked out rather than falling out, so seeing your dentist once the tooth is out is important Monkey’s top front teeth both had to be pulled because the adult teeth were growing over the top so weren’t forcing the baby teeth out. Having a tradition set up ready for her meant that she was excited instead of scared about the pain.

You don’t need anything eccentric, and there’s no need to buy too much. Just create something small and remain consistent each time your children lose teeth. You’ll find they’re excited about this part of growing up.

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