Top 4 Reasons to Learn SEO

Top 4 Reasons to Learn SEO

Have you heard about SEO? It’ stands for search engine optimization and remains a necessary element of being a blogger

learn SEO
Learn SEO and improve your writing prospects

or writer. You at least need to learn the basics–the most common elements that will help your clients.

SEO is a skill that you pick up. It makes a major difference between being found or not on search engines.

But it offers more than that within your business. Why do you need to learn SEO as a freelance writer? Here are four reasons why.

Improve Your Own Search Results When You Learn SEO

One of the biggest advantages is that you improve your search results. You will use the keyword phrases that people are looking for properly and beat the competition. Keywords are important for search engines to determine if you are relevant to a person’s search terms or not.

You will also learn about back linking (what to do and what not to do!) along with many other ways that you can improve your positioning.

You want to be on the first page of searches as people rarely look past those results. The higher up that first page you are, the more people are likely to click on you to increase your sales etc.

Not only does SEO help you get your clients on the first page, but it gets you on the first page for your relevant search terms. You’ll see more clients find you and want to hire you.

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Improve Your Employability

When you add SEO into your posts to show everything you’ve learnt, you will improve your portfolio. Others will be able to see that you can do search engine optimisztion and help them improve their website.

This is important for business owners. When they hire someone to write content for them, they need someone who can do the SEO side as well as the content side. They want someone who can research their keywords and add them into their content effectively.

You will also find that you get more offers from content marketing agencies. They are always looking for people who learn SEO and have a good understanding of it – it means their team have to do less work and they can charge more to their clients!

Learn SEO to Improve Your Asking Price

When you learn SEO, you learn a new skill. Writing for the internet is completely different to writing for print!

Since you are expanding your skills, you can charge more for your writing. It gives you more negotiation power. Why should someone pay the same rate for someone who took the time to learn more about and how to use SEO as someone who just writes content and hopes for the best?

Learn SEO to be a better freelance writer

Offer More Skills and Packages

If you have broken into the world of content writing and want to find other ways to expand your business, learning SEO will help you. It gives you a new skill and the ability to create a package.

You could offer social media consultancy or a back linking service as part of your package. People pay much more for this and you will constantly have the money flowing in and your diary full.

Isn’t it about time you learnt more about search engine optimisation. You will gain so much if you take the time to learn SEO. You not only improve your own writing but your financial prospects. However, there is a lot to learn so make sure you have that time!

Did you find that you gained more after learning SEO? Why not share your experiences and offer tips to other writers trying to learn SEO and tackle the world of writing for a living?

Note: this post was publised on June 24, 2013. It was updated on June 9, 2017.

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