Top 5 Reasons You Need to Guest Post

If you’re not guest posting (or at least attempting to) then you need to start doing it. I admit that I didn’t initially see the benefit in it at first, but after years of writing online I definitely understand the need to guest post.

You need to guest post to get noticed
You need to guest post to get noticed

Guest posts are usually free of charge–as in you don’t have to pay to have your content on someone else’s blog and you won’t be paid for doing it. I’ve spoken in the past about writing for free for exposure. This does count as that, but there is another benefit to guest posting.

You’re writing for a very targeted audience. You’re writing for a blog that has an audience interested in your own niche.

Still thinking that I’m talking rubbish? Here’s five reasons you need to guest post right now.

More People Find You Through Guest Posts

You’ve got to think about the places that you post at but more people will find you when you guest post. The sites already have readers and people interested in everything that you have to say.

When you guest post, you get a link to your site in return. If you don’t get a link to your site, as about getting a link to your social media profile. When someone guest posts here, I offer one link to their site and one link to a social media profile of their choosing. By getting a link back, you boost your SEO but also direct the audience to your own website or social media profile.

You’re getting eyes without doing as much work. These extra eyes can lead to more subscribers to your email list, more affiliate sales, and even more clients of your own!

If you don’t guest post, you just have to hope that people find you through searches or any of the other websites that you create content on. Your content isn’t necessarily going to be read.

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Guest Posts Show Your Authority

Only the best are allowed to post on the top websites. The reason? They want quality content.

By posting on these great websites, you are proving that you have quality and authority. You show that you know what you are talking about, can write for that blog’s readers, and create something worth reading.

This is great for others that find you. Businesses are more likely to find this top site and will see your name. They’ll want to check out more of your posts and that leads them to your website.

Authority is also great for ranking. As Google is able to put the names together, your posts will soon start ranking highly and that improves your business. There has been a change in the way Google ranks based on bylines, but there is still some juice in it.

It Keeps You Writing

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a rut. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too.

You forget what you love about writing and you start losing the will to keep doing it. This is especially the case when you have clients that aren’t quite in the niche you want to cover. I recently made a change to my writer site to focus more on the niches that I enjoy. Since then, I’ve taken on one new client and two new Entertainment websites, partially because of the more targeted niches. I enjoy writing more.

When you guest post, you’re writing about something you are passionate about. You’re creating something within your specific niche. Okay, where you want to guest post may not quite be within the niche that you want, but you can cross-niche. I’ll cover this in more detail later this month. It’s definitely something you want to consider.

It helps to become more creative (if you write for content mills, that creativity is likely gone!) and keeps you going, even when you’re thinking about giving up.

Of course, to make this work you need to write about something you love. You can’t guest post for the sake of doing it.

Guest post as a writer

You Build Up Connections

You will be surprised at how great writing connections are for your business. When you appear on someone else’s blog, they are informing their readers that they rate you. They’re also informing their connections that you’re a good writer.

If you regularly guest post around the internet, you soon have a list of connections that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. You have a bunch of people willing to recommend you if there’s a project within your niche or some extra work that they can’t take on.

You may even find that they ask you to help out with a few things or guest post regularly on their blog!

Guest posting isn’t the only way to build connections. I highly recommend using Facebook networking groups effectively to help build up your experience.

You Gain Experience with Guest Posting

A guest post gives you more experience. This isn’t just about writing what you love, but writing something that does well.

When you put a piece on your own blog, it goes through no editorial process. You decide when it is done and when you want it up. When your guest post goes up, you show that you can write for that blog’s audience and write a topic that they will want to read and gain something from.

This experience is invaluable in writing. Others will see that you can change your writing style to suit a publication or blog. Editors will see that you have the experience of working with them.

Take the time and start searching for places to guest post on. Some places do may you to write posts but others are only willing to offer you a link back to your website. Either way, you are gaining so much. You need to guest post today!

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Note: This post was published on June 11, 2013. It was updated on June 2, 2017.


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