How Tracking Time Will Boost Your Writing Pay

How Tracking Time Will Boost Your Writing Pay

I’ve shared in the past that tracking time will help you with your time management. You’ll get more done, finish work earlier, and build your business better. Well tracking time will boost your writing pay, too. Yes, really!

Okay, so it doesn’t exactly put extra dollars in your bank account. But it has boosted my writing pay considerably, to the point where I’m on track for a $60k+ year so far – that is up from the $50k year in 2016. Growth is growth, right?

Well, here’s how tracking time will boost your writing pay based on how it’s helped me.

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You Have More Hours to Work

Before you track your time, you won’t really know where you’re spending the time. It seems like you’re getting a lot done but you’re working 12+ hours to do that.

When I don’t track my writing time, I will end up working until 10pm at night! I definitely don’t have the money to show for that.

What does tracking my time do? It stops me procrastinating. I have set breaks to be able to check emails and Facebook notifications. There are set times for social media scheduling and times for getting away from the computer. The hours that are for working are for actually working.

By tracking this time, I make sure that I spend more time writing and making money. Instead of making $50-$100 per day, I make $150-$200 per day working just half a day for clients!

You’ll See Your Hourly Rate

You need to have an hourly rate to help you set your project rate. Tracking your writing time will make sure you reach that rate. You’ll make sure you get your minimum hourly pay that you need to make your business viable.

I’ve actually found my hourly rate is double the minimum that I need. That’s because my work is taking me far less time that it would do if I procrastinated.

By spending less time on projects, I’m able to take more work on and boost the amount of pay I get on a daily basis. My hourly rate changes again.

If you still take the same amount of time, you’ll be able to see where you need to boost your rates. You’ll find clients that are worth writing for and the ones that you need to discuss a rate increase with. You’ll also find it easier to quote a larger job, having a rough guide on the amount of time a similar project has taken in the past.

There Is Time for Social Media Scheduling

I can’t tell you how powerful batch scheduling my social media links has been. I spend 30-60 minutes a day to go through every single social media profile I have to make sure there is content going up. Some of it will be other people’s content and some will be mine.

Right now I’m using Buffer for social media scheduling, including Pinterest. I’ve not taken advantage of the Pinterest element yet, but it’s been a powerful tool for Facebook and Twitter. I also use Hootsuite for some Twitter feeds and Facebook’s own scheduling for some of my Facebook accounts.

By making sure you spend the time on social media – and tracking the time that you do it – you’ll reach more people with your content. This helps to boost the amount of clients you get, so you start making more money with your writing.

If you’re paid based on views, social media marketing is essential. Scheduling will help you constantly get your content in front of eyes, so people click your link and read your content.

Boost Writing Pay By Tracking Your Time

Track the Time Spent Marketing

Time tracking is also useful for marketing directly to clients. I spend at least 30 minutes a day getting in touch with clients and potential clients. I’ll respond to messages that come through directly to me and check out job boards for any listings that interest me.

By tracking my time, I have the hours in the week to be able to do something like this. And this type of marketing directly brings in money by securing new clients.

Without the time tracking, I’d spend all my time writing. I wouldn’t have the hours left over for marketing when necessary.

If you don’t already do it, track your writing time. This is something that all business owners need to do and I recommend doing it on a daily basis – whenever you’re working. You’ll find out when you’re working and when you’re most productive. Most of all tracking time will boost your writing pay. I’m already proof that it works, along with so many other writers.

Do you need help getting started with your writing career? I’m right here to not just get you started, but keep you accountable and help you make $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 and more a month writing. Get in touch about my writing mentoring sessions today.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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  1. This is so true. I found that I have to split my time 50/50 between marketing/sales and actual writing for clients in order to meet my family’s budget. Tracking helps so much with that.

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