Using Fivesquids to Make Money Writing Online

make money writing online

Using Fivesquids to Make Money Writing Online

make money writing online
Could Fivesquids make you money writing online?
Image: Fivesquids

I’m jumping back to micro-job sites for now, and this is a UK site. Fivesquids was set up with the same idea as Fiverr: to offer things from a base cost of £5 (rather than the $5).

Really, I should say the same thing as Fiverr then, right? Well, not quite. Fiversquids does have some differences when trying to make money writing online. These differences could make the site perfect for you, but they could also make it the worst option.

Build Your Membership to Charge More

Unlike Fiverr, it is possible to offer something for more than £5. In fact, users can offer jobs for up to £50.

However, getting the ability to write a 500 word article for £50 is very unlikely. People would expect that for between £5 and £10 due to the nature of a micro-job site. I don’t see anyone offering 500 word articles for anything more than £10.

You also need to build your membership to get to this point. Everyone starts out only being able to offer £5 jobs. The levels work similarly to Fiverr’s levels. The more positive feedback you get, the more chance you have of being automatically upgraded.

Unlike Fiverr, you can also purchase the membership upgrade. For just £5, you can increase your level so you can offer more. With just one gig sold, you’ve made your membership upgrade cost back.

Not as Many People Use Fivesquids

I’ve tried Fivesquids for two years. A year ago, I decided to put all my gigs on hold because it was no longer

make money writing online
How long will it take to fill up that wallet?
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worthwhile them being up there.

You see, not as many people use Fivesquids to order work. Why would they when there is Fiverr online? Why pay £5, when you can pay $5 (about £3) somewhere else?

It takes a lot more marketing and time to make money writing online with Fivesquids. I decided that that time wasn’t worth it. Why put all that time in, when you could put the time in to marketing to your own private clients?

Minimal Buyer Requests

I found to build my reputation on Fiverr, the buyer requests section was useful. That should be the case with this British micro-job site, right?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many buyer requests posted. In fact, at the time of writing this I only see three! And none of them will help you make money writing online. They’re design jobs.

It does imply that there is a lack of traffic to the site, and gives you the idea of the amount of work you will need to do.

While I always say “don’t put your eggs into one basket,” I don’t see the point in having a useless basket. After two years of being on the site, I’ve made £100 from one person. It’s best to have baskets that actually work for you. But that is my personal opinion.

Do you think Fivesquids could help you make money writing online? Would you be willing to give it a try?

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

18 thoughts on “Using Fivesquids to Make Money Writing Online

    1. That means a lot, thank you Francene. I prefer to be candid, but I know it can come off as mean and negative at times. But I believe people deserve to know my honest opinions.

    1. You’re welcome, Amy. Next month I’m going to do a series on monetizing a blog, so hopefully that will help further.

    1. Thanks, Christy. Although this is about Fivesquids, not Fiverr. There isn’t an option to pay to upgrade on the Fiverr system.

  1. Alexandria,

    I was surprised at how many sites there are that’s modeled after Fiverr. I think the competition on these sites is so huge that you really have to stand out in order to get gigs.

    From my personal experience, I go for people who have a level 1or 2 seller rating, unless that person has a video or voice file showcasing their workmanship.

    1. There are so many, but I don’t trust a lot of them. Many closed down a few years ago with very little notice. That’s interesting that you only choose level 1 and 2 sellers. Do you avoid Top Rated Sellers for any reason in particular? I can understand avoiding the sellers that don’t yet have a rating as there are a lot of uncertainties. I don’t really look at level when I buy. I look at the work the seller has done and the reputation gained. A video is definitely a big selling point for me though.

    1. That’s a fair enough decision. I didn’t think I would, but I learned so much from writing for others in my first year. Now I’d like to make more money writing for myself. One day I’m sure I will…just got to keep slogging away at it.

  2. You make some valid points on this one, especially the comparison of value between the two sites. Be interesting to see how they go. Doesn’t sound promising. Fortunately I’m not looking to provide a service but I’d probably give these guys a miss if I were.

    1. Fiverr is the biggest of the lot. There are many others, but they’re not as successful. They seem to keep popping up since the success of Fiverr.

  3. I’ve been using using fivesquids as a buyer and seller and I have to say I’m loving it! It seems they launched a new version this week and it’s brilliant allowing you to add extras really easily. The interface is so easy to use. I’d highly recommend. 🙂

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