How WAHMs Can Use Personal Experience to Choose Their Blogging Niche

How WAHMs Can Use Personal Experience to Choose Their Blogging Niche

There are many work at home moms who want to choose their blogging niche. The problem is they have no idea where to start.

The fact that you’re looking for this information is a good thing. I can’t stress enough about how important having a blogging niche is. Taking this leap is a big deal, so please take your time in choosing your niche. Not too much, of course, but take some time.

I get a lot of questions from WAHMs about choosing a blogging niche, which is why this post is predominately directed to you. The truth is this information could work for anyone.

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Your Personal Experience Makes You an Authority

Your personal experience will help you create your blogging niche and your content. This is where you’re an authority voice. There are high chances that someone else is where you were 6 months ago. They want to know how you got to where you are right now.

That could be dealing with a disabled child or managing triplets. You could have experience in running a business and nurturing a family. Or your personal experience may be in weight loss after pregnancy.

Whatever it is, you can use it to choose your niche. You can use it to create your content and build your audience. It’s how I’ve built my niches. Each of my blogs is connected to my experience in some way. This is based on becoming a writer, while I have another that is focused on weight loss.

WAHMs choose their blogging niche

4 Ways WAHMs Can Choose Their Blogging Niche Through Personal Experience

What steps do you need to take to become an authority? Just how can you use your personal experience to choose your niche and create your content?

#1. Think about the obstacles you’ve overcome in life

What have you managed to do with your life? You may think you’ve done nothing, but you’ll soon be surprised.

What about raising a child? There are plenty of others who haven’t done that – and they definitely haven’t raised a child and worked at home at the same time. I can’t tell you the amount of questions I’ve seen on mom forums about working from home and managing children at the same time – with so many telling you that it isn’t possible yet so many others doing it on a daily basis.

People want your help. Think about obstacles that you’ve overcome and the things that you’ve had to find solutions for. Jump straight into blogging with the answers and solutions for others.

#2. Take what you’re interested in and work around it

You’ll have personal experience in your hobbies or tasks that interest you. For example, you may have experience in playing a musical instrument or enjoy baking cakes.

Your interests will be interests for others. They just don’t know where to start in developing their interest. Well, you’re already there. You know at least 1% more than those looking for information, making you an authority on the subject.

Use your interests and see where you already have information. This personal experience within your interests will create unique content.

#3. Use your own solutions and share with your audience

Have you spent weeks looking for a way to get the biro off your wall? I remember doing that and ended up taking to the internet to find out how. There were plenty of mom bloggers sharing their own experiences of the same problem.

None of their ideas worked but from that I was able to create my own. And I wish I could remember it! I just know whatever I did a few years ago got the pen off the wall.

Taking a note of what I did would have been a good blog post. After all, there will be many after me looking for the same solution. Your little tricks like this that you find will be a good blog post or two.

#4. Blog about the significant events in life

This blog was started because of my love for writing. I wanted to share how I became a freelance writer so others could do it too.

There will be events that you’ve been through in life that you could blog about. Think about your wedding, having children, going to college, and even getting through a divorce or loss of a loved one. There are others who are starting the journey that you’re currently going through.

Your experiences could help them. Not all of the blog posts even have to be practical tips. Sometimes people just need to know it’s okay to feel the way they do! Your blogging niche can help with that.

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Personal Experiences Make a Blog

Your experiences and your life will make a blog interesting. Not only will you offer practical tips and advice, but you create a human element to your words. People get to know who you are and feel like they can connect with you.

Blogs that don’t have the personal experiences are too clinical. They can be helpful but they’re not follow-worthy.

When thinking about your blogging niche, consider your personal experience. WAHMs can use their experience in managing child care while working or may want to focus on running a business while raising a family. You may even have something else that interests you based on personal experience.

Too many people struggling with choosing their blogging niche when they really don’t have to. This is an important step to become a freelance writer or blogger.

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Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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