Want a Freelance Writing Mentor?

Want to know how to really make money as a freelance writer or blogger?

Are you starting out as a freelance writer? Do you need help with focus, productivity, marketing, or just need someone to keep you accountable?

There’s nothing wrong with needing help. Many freelancer writers do–yes, I did! Many new or struggling freelance writers turn to those who have been successful in their career. They need a mentor to help them get out of a rut, or just know where to start.

I can be your freelance writing mentor and coach.

I will personally help YOU become a better freelance writer or blogger. I will personally help YOU create your own income. You can support your family on just your writing income alone, just like me.

To start with, we’ll talk about where you currently are and where you see yourself a year, five years, and 10 years in the future. From there, we can set up a plan that will get you exactly where you want to be.

Got questions? I’ll answer them. Need help finding markets? I’ll give you all the tips I picked up. Just set some time aside and book your mentoring session today.

Get in touch today to arrange your free 15-20 minute discovery call.

Freelance Writing Mentoring Packages

Decided that I’m the right freelance writing mentor/coach for you? Already know that you want to sign up? Well, it’s time to choose how you want to do this. I have three options available:

The one hour session gives us more time to look over your website, your marketing plan, and discuss your rates. This can be split up into two 30 minute sessions if you want a follow-up instead. You can book more single one-hour sessions later if you would like. This is also an option if you want to hire me as an editor

This one hour session is just $50.

The monthly package deal allows you to buy a bulk of hours for the month at a discounted rate. This will require a minimum of four hours to be booked — so you get one hour per week to use up. As well as a discount, you’ll get access to my own pitches and other templates to help improve your chances of getting hired. The more hours you bulk buy, the better a discount you’ll get!

The price of this option will depend on the amount of hours you book. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Group mentoring sessions are available for those who don’t have a large budget. If you know other new freelance writers, writers who are struggling, or if you just want to get in touch with a group on Facebook, then you can get in touch together for a discounted rate. Another option is that I can put together a group for you — this can take time and you’ll need to send me the hours that you have available so we can all work out the best time for coaching. The Become a Freelance Writer Facebook group is an excellent place to arrange all this.

The price of this option will depend on the number of people in a group.

Want more sessions? Just email me to let me know how many you want. I offer further discounts for those ordering in bulk.

How to Book Your Freelance Writing Mentor Session

It couldn’t be easier to book me as your mentor. Simply email me to discuss your needs and three time slots that you have. I’ll email back to confirm the price and the slot that I can do. If none of the slots work for me for any reason, I will email you with other options.

Once we’ve confirmed a date and time slot, I’ll send you my payment information so you can make it. You’ll then be penned into my calendar.

If you need to change your slot for any reason, please email me at least 24 hours before. I reserve the right to keep 50% of the fee should you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.

Why ME as your Freelance Writing Mentor?

You’re apprehensive, I understand that. It’s a lot of money to spend.

I’ve been in the game since 2010. I’ve seen the changes to Google and keywords, and I’ve survived (more than that, I’m making a living freelance writing).

I can help you get to your goals. It will take some work from you, but I will give you the tips to get started, help you along the way, and get you to the point where you don’t need a mentor anymore.

My packages can be tailored to suit you. If you want weekly 30 minute sessions, I’m happy to do that. If you prefer email instead of Skype, I will block out 30 minutes just to email back and forth with you. We can chat over IM if you really want. I’ll do this in a way that suits you, personally. Freelance writing and mentoring is my full-time job.

I do want to make sure I can give my time to help you, though. With that in mind, I do limit the number of mentors I can take to no more than 5 per month for the monthly package deal.


All payments include VAT (for those in Europe) and taxes. The payments are done by PayPal or direct bank transfer (UK/CAN/USA customers only; payments will be converted with the current exchange rates). Please email me to find out the details and confirm the method of payment. There are no hidden fees.

The prices you see above are all the ones that you will need to pay to make me your freelance writing mentor. All fees are listed in US dollars. If you would like another currency, the prices will depend on the currency exchanges at the time.

If you have any other questions, please email me. I’ll be happy to answer them!


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