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making money writing
Can you make a living writing?
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This week has been focused on making money writing. It’s a theme that will run for the whole month, focusing on individual sites and sharing my own experiences with them.

Some sites I find good for making pocket change, other sites I would never recommend. But I believe that it’s important to learn the truth about them. Here’s a round up of this week’s making money writing posts in case you missed them.

Monday: Is the Ultra Blog Challenge Good for Blogging?

The Ultra Blog Challenge is new. It’s a 30-day blog challenge for September, and many wonder whether something like this is good for blogging. To kick start my making money writing posts, I wanted to cover the Ultra Blog Challenge and why I’m doing it.

Read my reasons here.

Tuesday: Writing for Private Clients

Monday’s post was all about writing for private clients. Is it something that you should consider? In the end, it really depends on the type of writing you want to do and what your goals are. There are different ways to make money, and you need to decide which one is best for you specifically.

You can read this making money writing post here.

Wednesday: Writing at The Content Authority

The Content Authority was one of the first content mills I found. I’ve been a member of it for some years and have seen pros and cons of the site. Is it a site that you could make money from?

Check out my review of The Content Authority here.

Thursday: Making Money at Great Content

Can you make a living writing at Great Content? It’s another content mill and my post on Thursday covered my thoughts and feelings about it. You may never have heard of it, or you may have considered it in the past. Before you jump feet first, why not see what I as a writer at the site say?

Read my Great Content review from this week right here.

Friday: Using Media Shower for Income

Media Shower is one of the lesser known mills and pays more than most others. Does that mean it’s a site to make a living writing at? Friday’s making money writing post covered my reviews of Media Shower.

This is where you can read the post if you haven’t seen it yet.

Saturday: Writing at Skyword

Not all sites have many positives. After writing at Skyword for a few years, I’ve seen many negatives that far outweigh the positives. I share those in my making money writing post for Saturday.

Check out the pros and many cons of writing at Skyword here.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s making money writing posts. Next week, I’m focusing more on residual income writing sites. Look out for:

  • HubPages
  • Wizzley
  • Writedge
  • Daily Two Cent
  • And more!

I look forward to “seeing” you around.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up of Making Money Writing Posts

  1. It is fascinating to read about it from the writer’s perspective. I buy content all the time and have absolutely zero experience from your side of the equation.

    Well written content is worth every single penny. I will be following this very interestedly all month. I would be curious to know which service you would recommend from the content buyer’s perspective as well.

    1. It would be interesting to hear about them from a client’s perspective. As I’ve never hired writers to write content, I don’t know how it works on the other side.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Francene. I’ll definitely keep that in mind for my next series of posts. This month is about the individual sites as they’re already planned, but I’m still looking for ideas for next month (and after that 🙂 )

  2. I just got an assignment to write for a private client and I can definitely say that this is a good way to go as a writer. Getting your foot in the door though isn’t always easy. Clients want to see you’ve been doing this writing for a while so it pays to do the other kinds of writing you’ve mentioned to help build clips.
    Dorit Sasson
    Giving a Voice to Your Story

    1. Congratulations. I’m in the middle of talking to a potential client about writing posts. Private clients certainly pay better, but content mills can be useful.

  3. Interesting posts, and interesting comments…. a couple of years back when I had a website aimed purely at being an affiliate, I paid for some articles to be written…. however, now I write and research everything myself.

    1. I know of a lot of people who prefer to write posts themselves. You know your own quality and know you’ll get what you want.

  4. A really eye-opening series for me. Although I have advised clients on content strategy, it hasn’t ever included content mills – the content has always been produced in-house or direct to freelancers so the series has been great learning for me. Looking forward to next week.

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