Weekly Roundup of Micro-Job and Bidding Sites for Freelance Writers

Weekly Roundup of Micro-Job and Bidding Sites for Freelance Writers

Micro-job and bidding sites
Could a micro-job or bidding site work for you?
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It’s the end of another week. I can’t believe I just have another week left in my series for options for freelance writers to find work! I also can’t believe there are only 10 more days of September!

Since it’s the end of another week, you know it means a weekly roundup. This week I focused on micro-job and bidding sites for freelance writers. While many aren’t for me, they could be perfect for those looking to start out or those who just want to build a portfolio of work.

Here’s the roundup:

Monday: Is Fiverr a Good Site for Freelance Writers?

Monday was a day for a micro-job site called Fiverr. This is one of the most popular sites for micro-jobs, but it does have its limitations. I’ve been on the site for over three years now, and noticed the pros and cons personally. This is my chance to share my experiences with you.

Want to catch up on Fiverr? Here’s where you can do just that.

Tuesday: Bidding for Jobs at Freelancer.com

Is Freelancer.com worth your time? Remember I said this week was about micro-job and bidding sites for freelance writers, and Tuesday I went to one of the most popular bidding sites out there. I’ve shared my positive and negative experiences on the site, and will hopefully help you decide whether it’s worth it for you.

Need some help deciding? Here’s my post about Freelancer.com

Wednesday: Finding Freelance Writing Jobs at Elance

I stuck with the bidding sites on Wednesday and looked into Elance. It’s one site that I don’t have a lot of experience on, but enough to get an idea of whether it’s worth my time. Since I don’t have that much experience, I shared the experience of another user who did manage to make a lot of money with writing jobs on the site.

Here’s the post to decide whether Elance is right for you.

Thursday: Using Fivesquids to Make Money Writing Online

For Thursday’s post in the micro-job and bidding sites series, I went back to the micro-job sites. Fivesquids is one of the lesser known sites, but is really a UK version of Fiverr. It may not be as well-known, but that doesn’t stop people from finding it in a search online.

This is my review of Fivesquids.

Friday: Can You Make Money Bidding for Writing Jobs at Guru

Guru may be one of the lesser known bidding sites online, but it does have some positives. One thing that I prefer about this site is the SafePay option; something that many sites are now introducing. While my experience has been minimal, I’ve shared it to help you decide whether Guru is a bidding site for your freelance writing needs.

Check out the post on Guru here.

Saturday: Is PeoplePerHour Worth Your Time as a Freelance Writer?

There are plenty of micro-job and bidding sites out there, but not many that offer both in one. PeoplePerHour has a section for you to create “hourlies,” which are similar to Fiverr’s gigs. It also has a section for posting and bidding on jobs. As part of my post, I shared the tips from someone else to help you make money on the site if you decide it’s worth your time as a freelance writer.

Here’s my post about PeoplePerHour for freelance writing.

I hope you enjoyed the week on micro-job and bidding sites for your freelance writing needs. Hopefully you took something away from the posts, even if it was to stay away from them!

Next week I’m not quite looking into individual sites. I’m looking into options as a whole and will cover content mills, writing for magazines and even writing on your own blog. Hopefully the week will help you find a method of finding work and earning money as a freelance writer that works just for you.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

17 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup of Micro-Job and Bidding Sites for Freelance Writers

  1. This post is perfect timing as I’ve been researching freelance writing to supplement my income, it looks like you’ve done a bunch of the legwork for me. Thank you so much!

    1. You’re welcome. Over the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on individual sites and ways to make money with freelance writing. Last week it was the residual income sites and the week before was content mills.

  2. I did appreciate your thoughts of writing sites and all the money you could, or couldn’t, make. I’m looking forward to your topics next week. Nobody could have covered this subject in the same way. Thank you.

  3. I might be missing something, Alexandria, so please correct me if I am wrong, but I am amazed how many people there are out there who are willing to and can provide written content for such low prices. I know that there are types of content that can be produced relatively quickly and once you get into it, it becomes easier and you learn tricks of the trade, but I am sooo slow when I write! I would probably go hungry! Can’t wait for next week! Another door that you are opening. Thank you, HUGS <3

    1. It depends on location, Judy. I’m amazed when it comes to UK, US etc. writers, but then there are people writing where the cost of living is so low. $5 for them is the same as $25 for us for example. There is also an element of typing quickly to get through the work. I touch type and have a typing speed of between 90 and 98 words per minute, which really helps.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia. Hopefully aspiring writers will be able to use the content to help them decide the best places to write.

    1. Thanks, Crystal. Fiverr is the favourite of mine on the list. For all its negatives, there are some positives that keep me there.

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