Where Should You Write Samples for Clients?

Where Should You Write Samples for Clients?

You need samples of your writing to get clients. I can’t tell you the amount of times you’ll be asked for it. And all clients want samples that match the types of posts that will be shared on their sites or for their audience. Just where do you write samples for clients?

Do you write it specifically for a client? Use old samples that have been posted around the web? Have it all available on your website? Just what is the best etiquette for this?

Well, part of this will depend on the client. I’ve had clients ask me to write “test articles.” I’ve always made sure they’re paid at my usual rate first. Otherwise, clients can either deal with the samples that I have or find another writer.

But when I write my own, where do I post it? Here’s a look at a few options to write samples for clients.

Have a Sample Page on Your Writer Site

One of the best things to set up is a sample page. This is a page for links or downloadable files for clients to see.

You want this site to look appealing and to be easy to view. How you set out your samples will depend on your goals and needs. Some people set their samples in publication date order, while others do it in order of more authoritative publication. There is also the option of doing it in alphabetical order by the sample title.

I recommend putting the featured image with hyperlinked title underneath. It makes each of your samples stand out. But now where do you go to actually write samples for clients to link back to?

Where to Write Samples for Clients

Get Posted on High Authority Sites

This is something known as “social proof.” You want to show clients that you are capable of getting your content onto well known websites. I have posts on The Huffington Post (now known as HuffPost) to help do that. I don’t think they’re accepting new writers just yet, but you can always fire off a pitch to get yourself in when the doors open again.

Other similar sites include Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.com.

You won’t be paid for writing on these sites in the majority of cases. However, you’re using the sites for your exposure. That means you only want to write a piece or two per site.

Focus on the writing niche that you want clients in. This will help you develop your skills and show that you can cover a particular topic.

Add the links to your sample page on your website.

Look Out for Publications Big and Small

How about trade publications or well-known magazines? Getting published on these types of sites will do you well. You’ll need to make sure the publications and content are within the niche you want clients in.

When clients ask where you’ve written, you can share these names.

If the publications are in print-form, find out if there’s an online version. Most places will reprint on their website now. If that isn’t available, take a photo of your article and share it on your sample page on your website site.

Sometimes you’ll need to find a charity. Offer a piece for free in return for a testimonial and sample to share. Charities will appreciate this type of offer and it could turn into a paid gig in the future.

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Guest Post on Other People’s Sites

Look out for blogs and websites to guest post on. This allows you to create content on a particular niche and on someone else’s site, showing that you are able to get published elsewhere. It’s often easier than the high authoritative websites!

Make sure the post is on a topic that will work for your clients.

The benefit of guest posting is the ability to cross niches. Say you write on the wedding niche. You could guest post on a blog about men’s fashion, sharing groomsmen ideas or father of the bride ideas for a wedding. If you guest posted on a fitness blog, you could offer a rundown of exercises perfect for different types of wedding dresses!

Your potential client will see that you can write on different ideas and for different targets. This will help them when they come to guest posting.

Get Your Content on Revenue Share Sites

There are some writer coaches who will tell you not the use revenue share sites. Well, I’ve used them time and time again as samples and I’ve snagged some good clients.

It’s all about the type of content and the layout of the site. Most potential clients won’t even realize that these websites are revenue share sites. They view them as big sites that they just haven’t really heard much about. They’re not has high authority or great for getting major exposure, but they can help you show your writing skills.

I’ve actually had clients find me because of some of these sites. So, yes, they are worth using to write samples for clients.

Have a Variety of Styles, Lengths, and Aims

There will be some clients who want long, 2,000-word articles. Others was 300-word snippets on a subject. One client of mine wants multiple links in a blog post, while another isn’t bothered about that and does it himself.

You want to show that you’re capable of writing all these different styles. Create some shorter pieces and opt for longer, deep-researched articles. Don’t forget about opinion pieces, news pieces, and funny posts.

This will just help to cover a variety of needs.

If you’re going to write a piece specifically for a client, create it and post it on another site. You can then link to it when you get in touch with that client.

Write Samples for Clients in a Way that Suits You

Get off your blog and write samples on other people’s sites. Make sure the content works for your needs, not necessarily an individual client. You want to show your experience within the niche and ability to get your name out there. You want to give clients across one particular niche a reason to hire you.

Don’t write a free “test article” for a client. Try not to write just specifically for the one person. You want a range of samples that will suit various styles of writing and content needs, allowing you to share a few of the right links for prospective clients.

Do you need help to write samples for clients in a specific way? Get in touch to become one of my students and get help in your inbox or on Skype immediately.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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