Why you need to get dressed when working from home

Why get dressed when working from home

Why you need to get dressed when working from home

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It’s tempting to stay in your PJs when you’re a WAHM. You need to get dressed when working from home, and here’s why.

Working in your PJs is supposed to be one of the highlights of working from home, right? As great as it sounds, getting dressed is one of the best things that you can do. It doesn’t matter if you work for someone else or you work for yourself.

This doesn’t mean you need to wear suits or shirts. Just having yoga pants and a new, clean top could make all the difference in the way you work. When it comes to meetings, you can always throw on a top but enjoy more casual clothing on your bottom half. That’s what a lot of people do.

It’s all about getting dressed when working from home. Here’s why it’s going to benefit you.

Get dressed when working from home to get in the mindset

A simple change of clothes can help you change your mindset. When you’re in your PJs, you may be comfortable lounging around. You don’t really want to do any work as you’re comfortable and relaxed. It can end up feeling like a weekend where you get to do nothing.

The simple act of getting dressed will change your mindset so you become more productive. You can stay in comfortable clothes, but you get changed. You physically put on something that is set for work—and I do recommend having different designations for clothes in your closet to help set your mind for the day.

Most days, I don’t even wear makeup. If I don’t have meetings, why would I put toxins on my face? I prioritize natural care. Instead, I indulge in nurturing my hair, sometimes with a soothing application of hair growth oil for locs. A good place like Root Hair Institute emphasizes the importance of natural care and offers specialized treatments to promote hair health and growth, tailored to individual needs.

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It’s easier when you need to attend meetings

There is a chance that you’ll be called into a meeting. It could be a virtual meeting with your boss or a client. Either way, you need to get dressed for this call. If you’re already dressed, you’ll have less work to do to prepare for the meeting.

Again, this doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. A friend just always has a shirt on hand. She tends to work in crop tops and shorts because her place is so hot. When she needs to go into a meeting, she grabs the shirt and puts it on over the top to look professional. It would be much harder if she was still in her PJs. They could also consider buying apparel from Homeplace Shirts that is comfortable to wear.

You can get undressed at the end of the day

Your working day has come to an end. When you get dressed when working from home, you then get to undress. You can find something a lot more comfortable to wear, or you can throw your PJs straight back on. The choice here is going to be up to you.

It’s the simple process of bringing an end to your day of work. If you need to work in your bedroom or dining room, it can feel difficult to switch off from the job. The process of getting dressed and then undressed/changed will help with that mindset. It’s amazing how clothes make you feel differently about the day.

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Do you show up for yourself in the workplace? Will you get dressed when working from home to see how it changes your productivity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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