Why I Archived My Facebook Group

Why I Archived my Facebook Group

Why I Archived My Facebook Group

Why I Archived my Facebook Group

There are many people currently archiving their free Facebook groups. I didn’t want to become one of them, but in the end, I needed to. However, one thing I’ve not done is state I’m only making my Facebook support available through paid groups. I don’t have any Facebook group at all now.

Why would I even consider doing something like that?

My decision came from a place of necessity. I couldn’t offer the support people would need with a Facebook group, as I’m not really an active poster on Facebook. I use it to keep in touch with my family and that’s mostly it. My Facebook pages are mostly updated by someone I outsource the task to. Social media isn’t my passion, apart from Twitter and Pinterest. There’s a simplicity in the two of them that I like. With Facebook, I’m fed up with the constant changes and requirements. I’m tired of playing a game.

But really, it’s all about time. I want to make sure that where I offer you my support is effective. My Facebook group wasn’t doing that. I promised that I’d add weekly threads that helped you boost your business and help you build your writing skills, but that wasn’t happening. The group didn’t offer everything that I wanted it to and that meant it wasn’t good enough for you guys as my members.

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I failed to plan

Something I wrote in my planner today was “fail to plan, plan to fail.” That’s exactly what I did with my Facebook group. I failed to plan out what I was going to do with it and how I was going to help you. At no point did I make a schedule for my posting or look at how I was going to increase engagement. Why was I surprised that I barely heard from any of you? I shouldn’t have been! Yet, I got deflated when I didn’t see people engage in what I was posting.

Now some of you may not have seen anything because of the changes Facebook has made. Others might not have been at the stage to engage. That’s okay! I’m not disappointed in you but at myself for what I didn’t do.

So, I archived the group to make sure I could concentrate on the places that are gaining engagement; on the places that I wanted to be to help you. I opened the group for the wrong reasons and my offers for us suffered because of that.

I’m sorry!

Archived Facebook Group

Archiving rather than deleting

I could have deleted my¬†Facebook group, but I didn’t. It’s still around for members to look at past posts and links. However, nobody can post in it right now. Will that change in the future? I honestly don’t know yet. However, that’s why I archived it. I don’t know what will happen in a year’s time and I want to make sure the door is open to open the group again and push ahead with support in that modem.

For now, though, the group will remain archived. You can leave if you don’t like archived groups sitting on your Facebook. But if you want to stay in case I open it in the future, that’s awesome! I just wanted to explain what I was doing.

May is fast approaching and I’m focusing on content to put out on the blog. If you think you have a site or writing opportunity that you’d like me to look at, please do let me know! I’m always open to suggestions to trial to write a review.

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