Why I love L-shaped desks when working from home

Why I love L-shaped desks

Why I love L-shaped desks when working from home

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When you’re working from home, you need your office set up in a way that works for you. I love L-shaped desks for getting tasks done.

L-shaped desks are a must for me in my home office. I’ve actually gone the last few years without one because one place I lived didn’t have enough room in the office space for it. Since my ex-husband has moved out and taken his stuff with him (or I’ve just thrown it out because it was clutter), I’ve been able to look at reverting back to the L-shaped desks.

These desks can fit well in the corner of the room. They can also sit the opposite way, so you sit in the corner of the room. The way you set up the desk is up to you. I like mine in the corner as I have a lot of notes or boards around the walls to glance at for different tasks I need to do. I also like being able to look out of the window easily when my eyes need a break.

Any desk offers me that benefit. Why is it that I prefer an L-shaped one?

There is more space for everything that I need

I usually prefer to work on a big screen. I have my HP all-in-one computer* (it’s an old one, but there are some great updates from it now) and that does just the job I need when I need a big screen. This could be due to images I’m working with or because I need to split the screen in two to work on a project.

Then there are times that I’ll have my Surface Pro 6* running next to it. Sometimes it’s because I’m listening into webinars or podcasts, or it could be because I’m watching screeners for my work. There are also times that I have meetings and need to switch between the meetings and my work, so I like to have the desk set up just right.

With the desk I have right now, there isn’t always that much room. I have to rearrange my diary or my notebooks to make room for the Surface. With an L-shaped desk, I don’t need to do that. There’s space on the part of the desk next to me to have everything that I need out at once.

Everything is in sight with L-shaped desks

I know a lot of people will tell you to put items away. You should have a clean desk as it makes working more productive. This really does depend on how your brain works.

If I don’t see something, I forget about it. That’s simply the way I’ve always worked. It doesn’t matter how important it is for my work. If it’s not there, I forget all about it. Then I’ll remember months later when I’m cleaning something else up and find it again.

So, I need various notebooks and my diary on my desk at all times. It’s the only way I’ll remember that they’re there. That means I need a lot of space on my desk. I need to find a way to keep everything in sight, and L-shaped desks make that possible for me. There’s just more space for me to work.

My printer is in easy reach

Right now, I actually have an office set-up that finally works. I used to have to unplug the printer and put it away between uses. That caused problems when I did need to use the printer. So, I wanted to find a way to keep the printer out and always turned on.

That’s recently changed as I found a way to change up my office layout. However, it’s still not quite the way I’d like it. With an L-shaped desk, the printer is right next to me, the way it used to be. I can just reach out and grab the printouts that I need. There’s no need for me to turn around and try not to hit the wall with the layout I have to put up with.

There are other items that could be put easily in reach. I used to have a white storage holder for all my pens, Sharpies, whiteboard markers, and more. This could also be put in reach on an L-shaped desk, although I don’t find it as useful anymore.

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Which type of desk do you prefer to work on? What do you think about L-shaped desks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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