Why you need a dedicated home office to work from home

Why you need a dedicated home office

Why you need a dedicated home office to work from home

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If you don’t have a dedicated home office right now, you’ll want to rethink the rooms. You need one to successfully work from home.

There are going to be a lot of people who tell me they don’t have the space for a dedicated home office. I get that. When I lived in the UK, my place wasn’t big enough for the home office, but I did get a setup that created a dedicated work space. If you can’t have a full room, at least create a dedicated work space.

By this, I don’t mean the dining room table where you clear things up and put away each day. I mean you want to find a way to add a desk somewhere that you can work from. A desk is going to save you a lot in the future!

If you can create a full room that is just your office, you’ll want to do it. Here’s why it’s always been the best for me, and why more people need to do it.

You get to close the door on work

When you work from home, you don’t really escape the job. It’s always there in your home. If you see it, you could end up being tempted to do something for the next day. If you run your own business, there’s always something on your mind that you “need” to do.

The problem is you also need time away from work. You need to be able to shut down and not do anything for it. It’s important to be able to completely switch off from it.

When you have a dedicated home office, you get to do that. You can close your office door and forget the world of work. It’s that physical act of keeping your work life and your home life separate.

I didn’t think this would work for me. I am a workaholic. I always have something on the go that I want to get back to. However, now that I have an office, I can stop staring at the computer. I don’t glance across and thing “one extra thing won’t hurt.” I get my life back.

You’ll be able to find things in a dedicated home office

How often do you currently lose important documents for work? How many hours in the day do you waste looking for scissors, pens, notebooks, just anything that you need to get on with your work? It used to happen a lot for me.

When my desk was in the bedroom or the living room, everything would walk away. Others in the house would take items and not return them. My whole workflow was cut off, and I ended up losing productivity.

With an office, everything remains there. What I need stays in or on my desk. There’s no reason for anyone else to go in there. Okay, my office also has two desks for the kids to do their homework. However, we all have our own section and there’s a rule of nobody touches anything on each other’s desk without permission. It’s working!

You’ll be able to get on with work better when you can find everything.

Have everything already set up in the office

When you used to work in the office, you’d commute there and immediately get to work. Everything you needed was already on the desk. There was no need to open things up and get them started.

That’s the same with when you have that dedicated space. Everything is already set up. There’s no reason to take it all down and have to prepare it again the next morning.

Set-ups are the worst part of moving your office around your home. You need to get your monitors just the way you want them. It takes time to get all your paperwork in order, and you’ll need to make sure you set up the system perfectly. It’s all about productivity, right? When you have a dedicated space that doesn’t need to move, you cut out a huge part of your day. You also need to make your office a comfortable working environment. To achieve this, have an hvac repair contractor setup a cooling and heating system installation in your office. Effective and timely ac repair in ontario california, provided by experienced professionals, ensures optimal cooling efficiency and extends the lifespan of your HVAC system, offering comfort and peace of mind during scorching summers.

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There are fewer interruptions with a home office

When I had the desk in the living room, I would always have someone trying to talk to me. If my ex-husband was home, he would think me being in the same room as him meant that he could pester me. It was annoying, especially when I would tell him time and time again that if I was at the desk, I was working.

Once I moved to a dedicated home office in the house, I could prevent (some) of that. My ex was always bad at respecting other people’s boundaries. He still is when it doesn’t work for him. It’s one of the reasons he’s an ex. However, my kids get it. When I’m in the office, I’m there to work.

Even a friend who has a habit of pestering understands that if I’m in the office, I’m working. There’s the chance to shut the door and put office hours up, which certainly helps to starve off some of the interruptions.

People will see what you have and pay more

You’re probably not going to live somewhere forever. You’ll need to move house at some point, and that means putting your current house up for sale. When you have a dedicated home office, your realtor will love you.

More and more people are working from home. COVID taught us what was important, and that is spending time with our families. More people are finding ways to work on their own businesses or they’re looking for remote jobs. They need that home office.

When they see the way you have your house set up, they can think about ways to use it for their needs. They have the home office in mind and realize that the space is perfect for them. This can lead to getting more than you’re asking for as the value of your home increases. It’s also easier for a realtor to sell because of the promotion of the dedicated space.

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Can you create a dedicated home office? Why haven’t you set one up yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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