Why you need a side hustle when you work full-time

Why you need a side hustle when you work full-time

Why you need a side hustle when you work full-time

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I’m a huge advocate for people having a side hustle when they work full-time. Even if it’s just a small one, here’s why you need it.

For the longest time, I’ve been a fan of the side hustle. I got started running my own business as more of a fluke than anything else. I didn’t plan for it, but I couldn’t find the work I wanted to do anywhere and I decided to try out freelance writing while I job searched.

I did plan on this being a side hustle while I worked full-time. In the end, it became my main job and now I have other side hustles.

I think everyone should have at least one side hustle. This has come up in conversation with friends recently. Some think that there isn’t the time or the need, but recent stories I’ve heard have made it clear that there is a need to have something going on the side.

Your job is not stable

I remember when I first started freelancing, people would tell me that I was a high risk. I couldn’t get a mortgage, it was hard to get a car loan, and all my friends said that I was putting myself in a precarious situation. There are very few people I know who are still in the jobs they did back then. In fact, there are many who have found a passion themselves and taken it full-time.

I’m seeing more and more of it happen now. The job market is not stable. A lot of companies are laying people off because they don’t have the money.

Inflation rates are high, and that means people don’t have the disposable income they once did. People aren’t buying anything more than the essentials, and that means companies selling luxuries are struggling.

Your job isn’t any more stable than mine is. In fact, it’s going to be easier for me to replace a client than it is for people to find a new job. So, make sure you have a side hustle* or two to help bridge the gap.

A side hustle adds joy to your life

A lot of jobs are just to pay the bills. People work to survive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s time to do something that you love.

I know there is a lot of talk about hobbies that make no money not being a waste of time. Sure enough, I love having hobbies that make no money. I prefer to have hobbies that do make money. These aren’t ones that bring the stress of selling to clients. They’re things that are fun to do and bring in a little bit of money.

You deserve to have some joy in your life. Why not find a passion that you can make money from so that you can do that?

You can add more money to your savings

Your side hustle is on the side. The money that you make is play money. At least, that’s the way it should be. With the way inflation and the cost of living are now, you may need your side hustle to add to your income.

However, if you can pay all the bills with your full-time job, you will want a side hustle that makes a little extra money. This goes straight into savings so that you have something for the future. You can use it for vacations, or you can use it to build your emergency fun.

The more profitable side hustles you have, the more money you’re able to save. You deserve financial freedom.

A side hustle will keep you busy in retirement

I know a lot of people think of retirement and see that it is decades down the line. You’re probably not even thinking it’s possible at the moment. Guess what; side hustles* can help make retirement possible. They will add money to your retirement income to help you financially.

On top of that, you stay busy. You’re probably not going to give up your side hustle during retirement. I know a lot of accountants and financial advisors who keep their current clients in retirement. They don’t add new clients, but they will service their current ones for as long as they can.

If you can find a passive income side hustle, that’s even better. You’ll just need to do a little work to keep things relevant and fresh and you’ll be able to bring in extra money.

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Are you still unsure about a side hustle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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