Why you should return to the office

Why return to the office

Why you should return to the office

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Your work is giving you the option of remote working or a return to the office. Here’s why you should take the return option.

You used to dream of being a work-at-home mom. You wanted to be there for the kids as they were young, and you wanted to have a little more freedom in the way you worked. Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly, almost everyone was remote working.

It’s been so successful for some people that businesses are keeping it that way. Then there are others who are offering the opportunity to return to the office, even if it’s just a few days per week. Of course, there are some businesses expecting everyone back in the office regardless of whether productivity was up during the pandemic or not—they have buildings they’ve paid for and want to make the most of it.

Returning to the office is something worth considering. It could be the right thing for you, and here’s why a return to the office is advantageous.

You’re struggling to get a work-life balance

Since you’ve been remote working, getting a work-life balance has been impossible. You don’t have the space for a dedicated home office, so your work is always on your mind. When you sit on the couch, it doesn’t feel like you can relax because of the dings you hear from your phone.

Working at the office will give you a better chance of gaining a work-life balance. When you leave the office, the work stays there. You can set your phone to silent for work activities, so you can spend the time off with your family. There’s less of a need to feel guilty.

This also helps your employers figure out that a work-life balance is necessary. They may have forgotten that work stays at work because everything has been combined.

You don’t need to create a home office

If you decide to remain remote, you’ll need to think about a few things around your house. So far, you’ve been able to make use of a small space in the house for your work, but this was only supposed to be temporary. With a permanent move to working at home, you need to create a dedicated workspace. This is more than just a corner of your dining room.

It’s worth having an office that you can close your door on. You want to avoid putting your office in your bedroom as you’ll always see your work while you try to sleep. Glazed partitioning, which uses glass partitions to separate your workspace from the rest of your home, is a stylish and practical solution.

When you return to the office, you don’t need to worry about this. You may not even have a space in your home for a home office. There’s nothing wrong with this, by the way. Plus, offices usually have regular cleaning and shredding services to keep the space clean and clutter-free. Eliminating hidden germs and bacteria with the help of a Office Cleaning London company is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of viruses or bugs around the workplace. If you will be working in a retail shop, you may seek storefront glass installing services to renovate the place before you go back to work. You may also consider having a Commercial Bulletproof Glass Installation for security purposes.

You miss the workplace setting

Not everyone enjoyed working from home. This is an isolating way to work. For an introvert like me, it’s perfect. I didn’t get distracted with the workplace gossip unless I really wanted to chat via Slack.

Others want the workplace setting. They want to be able to have a gossip in the break room or the stairwell. They want to be able to arrange a cheeky drink after work. When you return to the office, you get this opportunity.

It can be a great way to build friendships too. If you’re new to the area, you may like the workplace setting to get to know people.

For your and other’s safety, you should also have Fire Door Survey conducted annually to be sure that your facility’s fire door will protect you throughout a hostile, destructive fire.

It can help your career development

I hate to put this one in here, but it’s true. The more you’re in the office, the better your career development is. You are seen in the office, and your boss sees you working.

Yes, you’re working when you’re at home. Your boss can see that you’re getting your tasks done. The benefit of being at home is that you can get the tasks done mostly when it suits you. However, it’s not as visible as when you’re in the office.

If your boss gives you the option to return to the office, you could always talk about doing it two or three days per week. This will give your boss a chance to see you doing your job. And you’re around your boss if a problem comes up. You can end up with a better relationship with your boss, which will also help you improve your chances of career development.

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Does your boss want you to return to the office? Is this something that will work best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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