Why get a standing desk topper instead of a standing desk

Why get a standing desk topper

Why get a standing desk topper instead of a standing desk

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When I looked at getting a standing desk, I ended up going with a standing desk topper. Here’s why this is the best choice for many.

Realizing that sitting at a desk all day was doing me no favors, I decided to invest in a standing desk. As I started looking through all my options, I realized that a standing desk topper was a better option. A topper can also be called a standing desk converter or a desk riser.

Now, if you’re just buying a new desk, I would suggest going straight in with a standing desk*. There were just a lot of reasons I decided that a topper was the best option for me. One of those was that I didn’t need to replace my desk at the time, so I didn’t see the point in having to take it down to add something new in when I could buy something that would sit on top!

What were the other reasons? Which reasons could relate to you? Here are all the other reasons I decided a standing desk topper was the best choice.

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Standing desks don’t have enough drawers

One of the downsides that I found with standing desks was the lack of drawer space. They are great for those with a minimalist décor in their office, but that’s not me. I have notebooks everywhere, and I need the drawers for that. My drawers aren’t nearly organized, but they work for everything that I need in the office.

Without the drawer space, I wouldn’t have options for storing certain items I need for work. Shelves don’t work that well for me. I need things in arm’s reach, and that means in the drawers. So, a standing desk without any drawers just wouldn’t work.

I could have got a set of drawers for the side of the desk, but then I was spending a lot more money than I needed. Why buy the desk and the drawers when I could keep my current desk and just get a topper? Also, having a desk with drawers requires a spacious office, so I decide to look for cabins for rent to have my own office space where I can put anything that is related to my work.

A standing desk topper tends to be cheaper

It did admittedly come down to cost, too. I decided to upgrade just before the pandemic. I didn’t even know what was coming, but I’ve always been of the sense to spend as little money as possible. You just never know what could happen in the future.

The desk topper* was much cheaper than a new desk. And remember I would have needed to buy new drawers as well. I’d even only just bought this desk a year or two earlier, so it wasn’t exactly in need of being replaced. It made so much more sense financially just to get the topper.

The topper does everything that the standing desk would do. It pulls up and down. The only thing I can’t do is have a preset for heights, but I really don’t need that.

The converter was much easier to put together

I barely had to do anything to put the standing desk topper together. In fact, I don’t even remember putting much of it together at all, except putting the cushions on the bottom to protect the feet. I may have had to connect the top part to the bottom part, but a lot of it came already assembled in the box.

This was much easier than what a standing desk would have been. I would have needed to put everything together, as well as take down my original desk. Why put more work into something when you really don’t need to?

I still have plenty of space on my desk

When I looked at the standing desks in Staples, I thought they looked a little small. I have my desktop computer and my Surface Pro on the desk at all times. Then there is a small bin for the storage of some items—it’s actually for art supplies but it works for my needs perfectly. There’s also a lamp and a USB tower for all my computer needs.

There tends to be a lot in place at one time on my desk. I just don’t subscribe to the minimalist décor as it doesn’t work for me. My desk works for me, so I need a desk with a lot of space. Even with the standing desk riser, I have space for everything else. And then there are still the drawers that I need.

Are there any downsides to a standing desk topper?

There are some downsides to what I have. One of those is space when it comes to typing and using my mouse. Because of where the lever is to pull the desk up and down, there isn’t that much space for the keyboard and mouse. I guess the idea is that the topper would go in the middle of the desk, and that’s not what the layout of my desk allows for. There are different styles of desk toppers that can avoid this problem.

Another downside is the lack of presets for the standing setup. With a full desk, you can often set up specific heights for when you’re working. With just a touch of a button, you can go from standing to sitting and vice versa. With a topper*, you need to pull the lever yourself. It’s not a downside I have a problem with.

There can be issues with cables when moving the desk up and down. This is going to be a problem for full-standing desks, though, too. The difference with the full desk is that you’ll be able to get to the cables at the back easier than with the topper and your current desk.

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What are you using to improve your health while working? Do you use a standing desk topper or a full desk? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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