Why you should start your work day with a workout

Start your work day with a workout

Why you should start your work day with a workout

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If you don’t start your work day with a workout just yet, you need to. It doesn’t have to be big, but it will help.

I’m a big advocate for working out* the way that works for you. If you can’t run outside, don’t force yourself to. Dance, do yoga, find a workout that is right for you.

The only thing that I would suggest looking at is when you do your workout. Now, depending on the type of work that you do, you may not be able to start off with one. However, if you can, switch things up so you start your work day with a workout.

Every Monday and Friday I start my day with a workout. I do aqua fit on a Monday and yoga on a Friday. Other days of the week I have to fit my workouts* in where I can, but I always feel different if I start the day with a workout than if I end it with one.

The benefits when you start your work day with a workout

Yes, you can going to benefit in all the usual ways from a workout regardless of when you do it. You’ll still burn calories and you will still tone muscle if you do it at the start or at the end of the day. There are just a few benefits to starting your day with your workout.

These are the ones that I’ve noticed on the days that I start with a workout:

You have more energy during the day: Surprisingly, doing the workout first will give you more energy. You can work your body up and you get your mind started. You will be more productive in your work.

You’ll burn more throughout the day: Depending on the type of workout that you do, starting with it will offer you great benefits during the day. You can burn more fat throughout the day while you’re up and working.

You end up making healthier choices: When you have a workout at the end of the day, you may think “Oh, I can burn this off.” When you start your work day with a workout, you’ll make healthier choices throughout the day. You don’t want to waste the great start that you had.

You’ve got the workout out of the way: The idea of working out after your work day can be draining. You know it needs to be done, even though you’ve had a bad day and you just want to get home. You may be hungry and just want to eat dinner rather than burning more calories. At least once you get it done on a morning, it’s done. There’s no need to think about it for the rest of the day. Order High-Quality Used Gym Supplies online so you can exercise anytime at home.

You start the day in a better mood: Exercise releases the happy hormones. So, as you workout, you’re boosting your mental health as well as your physical health. Not only will you be more productive and focused, but you’ll feel happier in your working day.

There’s nothing wrong with exercising on a night if that’s when you prefer to, but I do find my days go better when I exercise on a morning. Could it be time to start your work day with a workout*?

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When do you prefer working out? What have you found helps your workday? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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