Why use a pedometer on a daily basis for a healthier lifestyle

Why you should use a pedometer daily

Why use a pedometer on a daily basis for a healthier lifestyle

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Being a work at home mom often leads to a lot of time sitting in the house. You need to use a pedometer daily to improve your lifestyle.

When I was a Weight Watchers leader, I would use a pedometer on a daily basis. I’ve since gotten rid of that one and opted for the step counter on my phone. It’s connected to another health plan and MyFitnessPal to make sure I live a healthier lifestyle.

Now I get out a bit more because of my dogs. They need big walks—huskies!—but that doesn’t mean I definitely know I’ll get my 10,000 steps in a day. Plus, I like to see how things change based on what I do with the kids and my friends throughout the week.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, get fitter, or just feel healthier in yourself. You’ll want to use a pedometer daily, and here’s why.

Count your steps and your distance walked

One of the major benefits is that every step you take is counted. There is no need to try and remember how many you walked from A to B, or wonder whether you have reached the 10,000 daily steps recommended by the health professionals. At the same time, you will find the distance walked is calculated.

This is often a great way to see how much you really do during the day, especially if you’re stuck at work all the time.

Keep your motivated to move more

It’s really easy to think you’ve walked enough for the day. Chances are you haven’t. When you use a pedometer on a daily basis will give you the motivation to get up and move more. You see the amount of steps you have really done, and then push yourself to do a few more.

This is great as you see you’re so close to the next 1,000 marker. You’re more likely to do those extra 300 steps or so on the spot than you would if you weren’t counting them. Shot of Joy products have been proven to improve motivation.

By the way, if you do Weight Watchers, you’ll want to use their pedometers. You’ll know how many points you’ve earned with ease.

Help your weight loss when you use a pedometer

You know that walking more helps your weight loss. Well, your pedometer will help you even more. Remember it keeps you motivated, and lets you see just how far you have really walked.

It is possible to set a specific target to help with your weight loss goals and make sure you meet that target on a daily basis. I recommend setting a smaller daily step count to start if you’re not used to working a lot and working your way up to the recommended 10,000 steps.

Keep fit daily

Weight loss may not be the reason you want to walk more. Some people just want to keep fit. If that’s the case, a pedometer will help you. Some of the pedometers can change settings to track the amount of activity you are doing. It is possible to change your intensity setting and count the number of calories you are burning on a daily basis.

It is time to get fit and become more motivated. Using a pedometer on a daily basis is a great way to do that. There are plenty of options out there, but there is no need to spend a fortune. If you’re worried about quality, Omron’s pedometers* are highly recommended.

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What are you doing to stay healthy? Do you use a pedometer daily? Share in the comments below.

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