Do Work at Home Moms Need to Arrange Childcare?

Do Work at Home Moms Need to Arrange Childcare?

work at home moms need childcareAs a freelance writer, I chose to put my elder daughter into nursery when she was about 18 months old. I didn’t have to for my work. Not really. It wasn’t like I couldn’t work with her around.

There were lots of factors that made us decide that nursery was right for our daughter. Work was certainly one of them.

Working from home and watching the children

One thing that I have to do as a work at home mom is multitask. I need to watch my children and work at the same time.

I won’t get into the housework.

Trying to do both at the same time is hard. And it’s even harder now there are two of them (and one of them loves to sleep on my chest!).

I don’t technically need to arrange childcare, but having that option is certainly easier. It means I can focus on just work for a few hours.

Now that I have two and one isn’t in childcare it’s a little different. But a baby can sleep for hours during the day (can but doesn’t always) and it’s not as hard working and watching a baby as it is working and controlling a very hyperactive, energetic pre-schooler.

Extra bit of socialisation

One of the reasons I chose child care was for socialisation. My daughter would barely speak to anyone before nursery and now she is a very sociable (and I think polite) little girl.

It’s something I couldn’t offer her as a work at home mom. I couldn’t arrange playdates with other moms because I had to work at the same time. My daughter was stuck playing with her Goose Grease wood peg dolls and entertaining herself or pretending to work with me instead.

I’d take time off for work but then would have to catch up hours later. We couldn’t just go to me not working at all.

It wasn’t fair and daycare seemed like the best option.

Gives moms a bit of a break

Seriously, I’ll go back to this multitasking. It really is damn hard.

My head would hurt at the end of a long day. It still hurts at the end of Mondays—the only day I have to work with both of them in the house—or when nursery isn’t on for some reason (school holidays for example).

Work at home moms need a break too, and childcare can offer that. Sometimes I’ll arrange my day around the preschool to make sure I get some time at the gym, as well as a chance to get my workload completed.

Work at home moms may not need childcare in the traditional sense, but it can be helpful. I chose (with my husband) to put our daughter into nursery, despite being at home to look after her. There were more benefits for all of us to do that.

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