How a work-life balance helps you sleep better

How a work-life balance improves sleep

How a work-life balance helps you sleep better

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Are you still not sold on the idea of a work-life balance? It doesn’t just help with productivity, but also with better sleep.

You may be fighting against the idea of creating a work-life balance. There are a lot of reasons for this. Maybe you’re going through a busy stretch in your business, or maybe you think that if you take a break, your new business won’t take off.

The problem is you’re affecting more than your initial mental health. You’re not just tired at work because you’re not taking a break. The lack of work-life balance is affecting your sleep. You could improve your sleep schedule if you improve the way you work and live—and then you’ll also improve your business!

Give your body and brain time to rest

Everything in your body needs to rest. Your mind needs to take time off from thinking, and your body needs to take time away from doing things. Even just sitting at the desk and typing isn’t good for you all the time.

When you take a break from work and participate in life, you give your body and brain time to rest. They get to have some fun, and they have time to wind down after the day at work.

Just think about when you try to sleep after working. Your mind is running through the last tasks you did. You can end up coming up with new tasks to do, and you don’t have time to make notes so you don’t forget the next day. Your body and brain aren’t ready to shut down yet, and that disrupts your sleep cycle.

Your mind always sees work

If you do work while in your bedroom, there’s a risk to your sleep pattern. Part of your work-life balance is getting rid of the work from the relaxing space.

I’m guilty of having a TV in my room. However, I find noise from the TV is a great way to sleep. That’s always been the way my brain has worked. If I struggle to switch off the voices in my head, I can put on a TV show or a movie to turn it all off and sleep.

However, I don’t have my computer or desk in my room. My work remains in the office or in the living room. Even when I’m working on some fun fictional content, I’ll do it away from the bedroom.

My room is just for me. Having everything for work out keeps the work-life balance. I then manage to sleep better as my mind isn’t always on work—out of sight, out of mind.

You’ll feel less stressed with a work-life balance

Stress builds up. Finding a way to relax the body and mind is important. I like to run a hot bath at least once a week to soak in it. I’ll have a book to read rather than my phone, I have a drink, and I light candles. This helps to shut down all the stress that builds from a long day at work and anything going on in my life. I’ve also tried these canadian cigarette brands which also helped me relax my body and mind.

Finding a way to get a work-life balance will help to reduce your stress. The stress levels lead to the wrong hormones in the body. This makes it much harder to sleep. If your body can’t relax, then it can’t get to sleep.

Higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) will make it difficult to sleep. Work stress, relationship stress, general life stress. They all get in the way of sleeping. If you can find ways to reduce the levels of cortisol, you’ll find it much easier to sleep well. By sleeping well, you’ll be more productive the next day and feel happier in your life in general. But if you’re experiencing insomnia due to hormonal imbalance, you may benefit from a hormone replacement therapy.

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Are you convinced a work-life balance is important? What do you need help with as a work at home mom? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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