Are Writing and Business Courses Really Worth It?

Are Writing and Business Courses Really Worth It?

You see all these business coaches and writing mentors have all these courses on offer. They’ll teach you to make $1,000 per month or how to snag your perfect client. Some of them teach you affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and so much more.

The courses can be priced from free to $$$ and all you can think is: are writing and business courses really worth it?

Will you really learn something that you don’t already know? Are the business coaches and writer mentors knowledgeable about their field—and with up to date information?

I never jump into courses lightly. I look through the details and want to learn so much more before I spend money. I don’t sign up to free courses just because they’re free, either! After all they will take me time to get the work done.

So, I go through a few stages. I’m like you and want to know are writing ad business courses really worth it. I want to make sure that my time and money is going into something that will definitely help me grow.

These are the steps that I take to make sure any course that I do is worth my time and effort.

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Who Is Offering the Course?

Before I even look into the details of the course, I will look at who is running it. Is this something that a person I trust is doing it? Is that person working with someone else? Is the person someone I’ve never heard of?

Just because I haven’t heard of someone doesn’t mean that I won’t look into the course. I will do my research into the person though. I want to know how long that person has been offering advice and the experience that person has. I need to know if this is their first course (not necessarily a deal breaker) or has experience in training mentors in the past.

Testimonials on the course pages aren’t enough for me. I want to do my own research to find out more.

What’s Included in the Course?

Now I’ll take a look at the course itself. This is if I do trust the person offering it or get a good feeling. There are times that I’ll get some red-flag warnings right away and will step away before I even consider the course!

When looking at the course, I’ll look into the modules and what they include. Most courses will be broken down in modules and have some brief learning objectives. This is my chance to find out if I’m likely going to learn things I already know or if it is teaching me something new.

If I can’t find anything in the course description about the learning modules, I’ll message the person running the course. They need to sell it to me and make me feel like I will gain a world of knowledge from them. This is a step I usually only take if the course costs money. If it’s free, I will often move onto the next stage anyway. I’m not risking as much with a free course.

What Do Other People Say About It?

No, this isn’t about what the business coach says previous students say. While the testimonials can be good, I don’t just want to read the good reviews. I want to know what everyone has to say.

It’s important for me to learn more about what all students say. Did everyone learn something or just a small select number of people? Why didn’t the others learn anything? Was the course too basic or did the others not put the work in? What results did people walk away with after the course?

This is when I’ll know whether writing and business courses are really worth it. My questions are usually answered when I start digging deeper.

I’ll read online reviews and get into Facebook groups or on Twitter to find out more. You’ll be surprised at the people who have something to say about a course or not. They may have also learned something different to me when researching the course themselves.

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Does It Look Like It’s Worth the Money?

Yes, money does come into it. I want to make investments into my business, but I don’t have the money to just throw away. I have two kids to feed!

So, I will always look at the price of the cIf this price isn’t clear on the sales page then I don’t bother. It means that the person is trying to hide the price and I’m not interested in jumping through hoops to find out more. If you do that with your courses thinking you can get more people to click the “buy” button, you’ve just lost a customer in me and possibly countless others.

I want all the information upfront and that includes the course cost. I can then look at the course information, what I’ll learn, and the cost to see if it’s worth it.

And yes, experience and the course teacher will also go into the cost of the course. I’d pay a lot more to learn something from the likes of Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income than I would from a newbie writer who I don’t know if I can trust!

There are courses that cost $1,000 and I’d consider buying over a $99 one if I trusted the teacher and could see some results from others that I trust.

Are Writing and Business Courses Really Worth It?

I’ll leave this up to you now. I do believe they are worth it, but I will do my research first. There are some that are a complete waste of time and money—and this includes some of the free ones.

Willusiness courses in 2017? Share what makes a cours it in the comments below.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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  1. It’s a complete minefield. Research is the key, of course. Find out as much as you can about the course and the tutor before you part with any hard cash. Personally, I haven’t taken any such courses but then I’m not a professional writer nor do I strive to make money with my work.

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