Is writing for Media Shower worth your time?

Media Shower Review

Is writing for Media Shower worth your time?

Note on March 18, 2021: This review was written back in 2014. I no longer write at Media Shower, so I’m not sure how much has changed. However, this is my review of when I wrote then.

Media Shower is one of the content mills that pays higher than many others. The rate of $25 for 500 words of content is actually quite reasonable for a content mill, in my opinion. It’s not a rate that you can make a living writing on, but it isn’t the bottom-feeding content mills.

It’s a site that I’ve worked with for about 18 months, and I certainly enjoyed my time there. But is it worth writing for Media Shower?

That’s where I’m in two minds.

Fair editors and owner

One thing I will admit is that the site has fair editors and owners. The first person I communicated with was Jade Hargrave, the CFO of the company. I was paid for my trial article at the regular rate and received that pay right away. She then forwarded me onto the CEO John Hargrave to set up an interview.

Once I went through the initial meeting with John, I was given an editor and would receive work through him. While being there, I’ve worked with two editors and both have been extremely fair. Revisions have only been requested when there is a real problem.

One of the best things is that only one revision is requested for free; any others and writers are paid extra but there isn’t usually any need for the extras.

It is possible to contact John too. He replies to his emails and is always friendly and approachable. I once contacted him regarding not hearing from my editor for a while. I know some CEOs mind being contacted directly, but based on our initial conversation I didn’t think he would and was happy to find that that was the case.

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How difficult is the work?

It’s not that difficult but it’s certainly not the standard SEO content that many other content mills ask for. The clients want genuine blog content, and that makes me feel better about writing. I hired Boston SEO services to make sure the content is perfect.

Some research is involved. I found that some topics were harder than others but they didn’t take me too long to write. The main focus is on whether the content works for the client’s audience and is free of grammatical errors.

I think the writing sample weeds out those who would need to do a lot of revisions. I really don’t mind doing a sample when I’m being paid for it. You can get in touch with the team at Challenger if you want to get customer service coaching right.

Regular meetings but not compulsory

There are monthly writers meetings at around 8pm UK time. They’re not compulsory but they are worthwhile attending. The topics cover all sorts that help writers outside of Media Shower.

One month there was a topic on creating catchy titles and I’m so glad that I made it. Just being on the writing team for those meetings is worthwhile and they only take an hour of my month up. I considered them similar to free webinars since as a writer I get so much more out of them.

There has been a change in software lately and I’ve been busy the last couple of months so I’m not sure whether this new software is any good. I used to have a problem with calling in from the UK, but I’ve heard that that’s been fixed.

Media Shower Review

How much work is available at Media Shower?

That’s where some of the issues lie. You don’t get to see a list of assignments to write unless you’ve been assigned them. And editors assign the articles to you.

I didn’t see any work for the last three months of my time there before I decided it was no good for me anymore. But before that, I was constantly doing 20 blog posts or so a week. I was asked how many I could handle each week and was more than happy with that as a maximum.

It really depends on your skills and the clients coming through. The months I was getting so many were months that personal finance and recruitment articles were coming through, and I love those topics which is why i am planning to make a new one on the benefits of outsourcing recruiting to experts like call center recruiting Utah. I’ve also had a lot of tech-related topics, which is another topic of interest. I have a feeling right now that some of the topics aren’t going to play to my strengths.

It really is worth getting in touch with the editors regularly.

One place is going to dry up now and then. It’s why I always say to keep eggs in multiple baskets.

Is Media Shower worth your time? I think it is if you don’t mind the inconsistency of articles. The pay is decent at $25, especially when articles don’t take that much time. If you want something that will constantly give you a set amount of work each month, Media Shower isn’t for you. For that, I suggest private clients.

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Where are you currently writing to make money? What do you hope to do to start making money online? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Is writing for Media Shower worth your time?

  1. I can see why you would be of two minds here. If they haven’t given you any work for the last three months, that would be very hard to have a completely positive review. I hope they give you work again really soon.

    I hadn’t ever heard of Media Shower before so this was very interesting to me. I may put in an order and see what kind of quality content I can get.

    1. Well, it’s all part of freelancing, and I don’t expect constant work from any site. It turned out that they thought I’d stopped writing or wasn’t looking for extra work. My editor got back to me to say that he’s forwarded the message onto the CEO to see if there are upcoming projects that I can write on. I’d love to hear what it’s like from the other side of the process.

  2. Hi Alexandria

    Thanks for the tip. Never heard of these guys and it sounds like a decent network to hook into. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind.


    1. When I started out, it was more recommendations because I didn’t know they existed. Then I started Google searches for more of them. Before I signed up for any, I did further research to find out what others thought, how they paid, etc.

    1. I think there was a Skype interview with the CEO at the start. It’s been quite a while since then though, so I’m not 100% certain now.

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