WunderbarSoap soap and candle review: It’s time to up your self-care game


WunderbarSoap soap and candle review: It’s time to up your self-care game

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If you’re looking to add more to your self-care game, you need to turn to WunderbarSoap for soaps, candles, and much more. This is a brand that makes sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Recently, I bought a few products from WunderbarSoap. The Cambridge, Ontario business is all about luxurious self-care, and everything is vegan. You’ve already got some excellent reasons to buy right there. It’s not often you’ll find vegan self-care, especially not in your local store.

There’s a wide range of self-care products. Need a good soap? You’re covered. Want a body lotion that smells better than the store-bought options? There’s something available. Need candles that actually smell of something while they’re burning? Oh yes, WunderbarSoap has you covered.

I bought a soap and some candles. As much as I love baths and bath bombs, they’re nothing I can use right now. I have one of those annoying half baths that just isn’t comfortable. However, if the candles and soaps are anything to go by, the lotions and the bath bombs are more than worth getting.

Candles you can smell while they’re burning

One of the things I hate about scented candles is that they smell great in the store and then they smell of nothing when you get them home. That was the problem I had earlier this year. My ex bought a watermelon and cucumber candle for me for Mother’s Day. It smelled great on its own, but smelled of absolutely nothing when it came to burning it.

Fortunately, the candle isn’t going to waste. Hey, it’s still a candle and I use candles instead of lamps a lot of the time for light.

However, I wanted something with a scent. I got the Lemon Meringue Pie, Vanilla Mint, and Carrot Cake candles. All three smell wonderful just opening them up, but because of the excellent balance between scent and wax, the candles always smell of their scents while burning.

Those scents aren’t overpowering, though. They don’t leave me with a headache, which a lot of scented candles do. However, they are strong enough to help balance out the smell of dog. Hey, I have two huskies!

They last a long time, too. My 8oz Vanilla Mint candle is the one I’ve burned the most. In fact, I burn it on a daily basis for at least an hour for the last month or so. I’ve not even made it through a quarter of it yet.

WunderbarSoap soaps won’t make you break out

I’m always hesitant about getting bars of soap. I’ve always found they cause me to break out in acne, especially around my face. However, I needed something new, and opted for the Coffee Cake soap. It’s an exfoliating soap because of the ground coffee beans that are within the bar.

The coffee can be on the sharp side. It did take some time to get used to this as my skin wasn’t, but after daily use, most of my skin is great with it. I just don’t use the bar directly on my face because of the coffee.

This soap doesn’t dry out the skin like most bar soap does. It cleans well and leaves my skin feeling soft. The bar has also lasted the last month without needing to be replaced yet.

There is a bit of a soapy smell to it, but it balances well with the coffee scent. I’m definitely intrigued by the other scents. There’s an avocado and spearmint one and a banana-scented soap. Both of them are on my list to try next.

Images by Alexandria Gunn

Products available quickly and at a reasonable price

You don’t need to wait too long for the products. The exact amount of time it takes will depend on how much you order, but in most cases, orders are made within days and then available for pick-up/delivery.

The pricing is also reasonable. The 8oz candles are $9, and the soaps are a little more than $8 per bar. Yes, it can seem on the costly side at first, ut remember how long these can last. The candles will burn for months, even used regularly. The soap has already lasted me a month and is still going.

Plus, you’re supporting a small business with quality products. I always believe in paying extra for good quality products.

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Head over to WunderbarSoap to start upping your self-care regime today.

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