YogaClub review: I think I need a smaller size!

YogaClub August 2019

YogaClub review: I think I need a smaller size!

Earlier this week, I got my YogaClub box for August 2019. I’m on a two-monthly subscription and receive boxes at the end of each two months.

I do like this box, but it’s going to take a lot to beat the last two boxes from YogaClub. However, one thing that I adore is the high-quality items for the low prices.

When I first signed up for YogaClub, I used a coupon code to get $20 off. This is off all my boxes for as long as I keep my subscription. So it costs me $59 every two months for a new yoga outfit, and I’ve never been disappointed with the entire box—just sometimes one item out of three.

I’ll split this box up into each item. One thing that I have noticed though is that the tops are getting bigger, and that’s because I’m losing a bit of weight (more on that next week). It’s a good thing but I’m going to have to go through the Style Quiz on the YogaClub website again to get the smaller sizes!

Complete YogaClub offering for August 2019
YogaClub subscription — Photo credit: Alexandria Gunn

The bra

The yoga bra is the most disappointing of the lot. When I first saw it, I thought that it was the exact same as the one that I received the previous box. And that’s the reason why it was so disappointing at first.

It’s a cute bra. And I think if I’d got it in the next box and got something a little different in this box then I wouldn’t have been as disappointed.

Some of this will be down to me, though. I’ve started wanting something brighter and different. I’m definitely going to have to do the Style Quiz again. And that’s the beauty of the Style Quiz. You can take it when you want to help change the items that you get.

The top

At first glance, the top is a little boring. But then I turned it over and realized how different it was. There’s a big slit that goes all the way to the top to show off the detail on the back of the sports bra.

This is when I realized that I need a smaller size. The top is a little too big around the bottom of the arms and around the chest. At first I thought it might just be the style of the top, but it’s definitely the sizing. It feels big.

And while it is black and it could be boring for some, I can match it with some brighter sports bras that I’ve received in the past or anything I may get in the future. Plus, this box is supposed to work as one outfit, so the pants actually help to stop the style being too boring.

The pants

I’ve loved the majority of the yoga pants that I’ve received from YogaClub. They’re comfortable and look good. There was only the first pair that I didn’t really like too much because they were too “loud” for me in terms of colors. But I’m getting there with feeling more comfortable in different colored leggings.

The different colors are why I love the recent box. They’re not too out there, blending multiple colors into one. Instead, they’re an ombre style going from dark to light blue, and blue is one of my preferred colors.

My worry about these pants is that they’ll be a little too thin. For the summer and fall in Canada, they’ll be great. When it comes to winter, I probably won’t be wearing them for my yoga practices, even in the house!

YogaClub subscription August 2019
YogaClub subscription — Photo credit: Alexandria Gunn

Overall thoughts about YogaClub in August 2019

Overall, I have really liked the box. As an outfit, the items work together great, and that’s the whole point of each box. The items are supposed to be a cute outfit that you can work out in (or wear daily as I do!). The bra is my biggest disappointment but that is totally on me because of the Style Quiz.

In total, the outfit cost me $59, but it should have cost at least $X. The [item] doesn’t have a price tag, so I can’t give you the exact amount. With the high-quality products, I’m definitely getting my money’s worth and I’ll keep subscribing.

YogaClub is a subscription box I recommend for those who hate shopping but love new clothes! If you love yoga wear, you’ll certainly appreciate the items. Sign up with my YogaClub affiliate link to get $10 off your boxes for life.

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