YogaClub review: Inside my May 2020 box

YogaClub Review: May 2020

YogaClub review: Inside my May 2020 box

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a YogaClub review. I did get a box in March 2020 and loved it. I actually created a video review and then never shared it. Oops!

Well, my May 2020 box arrived. This was a box that had a few problems in the delivery, but it did give me a chance to see whether the customer support is still as good as last year (spoiler: it is). There are some highs and lows in this box. I’ll get into them with my YogaClub review.

The need for customer support

There was one thing that initially left a bad taste in my mouth. After finding out at the end of April that my box had been shipped, I waited as I usually do. I usually get the boxes a couple of weeks later but did expect a delay this month. After all, there’s a certain bug going around that has put the whole world on lockdown.

The problem is that I got the emails to rate my box. At first, I checked the tracking and saw that it was stuck in the U.S. (I’m in Canada). Okay, it was obviously just an automated email based on when the system thinks I should have received my box. Then the reminder to rate my box came through days later. And then another reminder after that.

I was very disappointed about being encouraged to rate a box I hadn’t received yet. Starring at those emails kept reminding me that the box was still stuck. So, I thought I’d check with YogaClub to see if there was an issue their end. Customer support got back very quickly, although a week went by and I hadn’t heard anything after the initial “we’re looking into it.” I got an apology and the box was sent out again.

This box I’ve now received. And as I requested, my next box has been put on hold until August.

Overall, I’m happy with the speed of the customer support team.


YogaClub review: Not really an outfit

I always get the three-piece boxes. I love getting a full outfit that I can put together or mix and match with other items of clothing that I have. But the May 2020 box isn’t an outfit. Instead of a yoga bra, I got two tops. So with that in mind, I’m definitely disappointed.

The quality of the tops and the pair of leggings are nothing to complain about. They’re actually versions of all that I’ve had in the past but in different colors. I have my favorite leggings from Threads 4 Thought now in an aubergine color (the color isn’t my favorite but it looks good) and one of my favorite tops from Whisper from a past box in black. The other top from Varley is one that isn’t really my favorite but it’s comfortable and will be great for the current weather. That one came in white.

One thing that I adore about Threads 4 Thoughts is that the clothing items are made out of recyclable plastic bottles. That may not sound great for clothing, but the leggings are extremely comfortable. If the company didn’t tell me how they made the leggings, I wouldn’t have known. The best thing is that it means fewer plastic bottles are damaging the environment.

Overall, the box’s items came to $176. I paid $59 for this box.

YogaClub review May 2020

Not my favorite but a good box

This certainly isn’t my favorite box, but at the same time, it’s not my least favorite box. I’ve had some really bad leggings recently, so getting the Thread 4 Thoughts ones was brilliant. That’s two boxes in a row where I’ve had some excellent leggings. I really wanted to move away from that shiny Lycra that is a tight and uncomfortable fit.

While I like the tops, I’m disappointed that it’s not an outfit. I’m not sure why this was the case and judging by the “rate your outfit” email, this isn’t a mistake. All three items are as they were in my survey to rate everything. I hope to get things back to normal with the August box.

As I’m skipping a box, there will be a wait for my next YogaClub review.

Get your own YogaClub subscription today and start saving money on great clothing.

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