YogaClub review: The September 2020 box tells me it’s time to quit

YogaClub review

YogaClub review: The September 2020 box tells me it’s time to quit

I wish I could tell you that I still loved YogaClub. I wish I could tell you that it’s a must for the perfect yoga outfits. However, something this YogaClub review will show is that I just can’t do that.

For a while, I’ve considered bringing my subscription to an end. What started off as great started to go downhill with a couple of pairs of leggings that just weren’t that great. Then it got to the point where tops or bras were bad. And no matter how much feedback I’ve given and how many outfits I’ve picked that I love in the quizzes, I’ve been sent items that don’t fit properly and don’t look that great.

I’ll explain the problems in my YogaClub review for my September 2020 box.

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A long delay getting the box

Let me just start with the delay with the box. YogaClub is blaming the current situation in the world, but it’s the only company I know blaming it. And you have to check the website for that. The emails coming through are still the same generic emails stating that boxes will be curated within a couple of days of payments made.

It’s poor communication on the company’s fault. And I’m not really sure why there are such delays. When I order my Bullymake box for the dogs, they are delivered as normal. Shipping is a little slower at the border, but that’s understandable. There’s no delay in the initial shipping.

Mixed with the poor quality of clothing, it makes it clear that it’s time for me to stop getting YogaClub boxes.

Because of the delays, I decided to push my next box back by a month. That change put the price up by $13 without warning. I have no idea why and my emails aren’t being answered, so it’s another sign that it’s time for me to quit the subscription.

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

See-through leggings that don’t fit well

There are a handful of brands that have a very thin material. These items are smaller than the size stated. Now, I could change my sizing on the chart, but that doesn’t really help much. The leggings that are true to size would then be too big.

Instead, I tell YogaClub all the time about the small sizing. It doesn’t change anything. I also tell YogaClub in every review that I don’t like the material. Again, it doesn’t change anything. It feels like my responses are going into a black hole and nobody really cares about customer satisfaction.

The leggings I got this time aren’t just the thin material. They’re completely see-through. I can’t wear them!

The top doesn’t fit properly

This time, it’s not just the leggings that are a problem. The top doesn’t fit properly, either. It is great around the chest and then around the bottom, but around the middle, it’s too tight. This doesn’t make sense. There was no way around me planning for that.

On top of that, the top is a little plain. The color is boring and the material is odd for a yoga top.

The only thing I have liked in the box is the bra. I love the adjustable straps and it fits really well. It’s one that I can wear comfortably throughout the day and not just during my yoga workouts. The band around the bottom isn’t too tight, which has been an issue in a past YogaClub review or two.

Like I said, I wish that I could give you a better YogaClub review. Sadly, I’m just at the point where I’m done wasting money on outfits that I don’t enjoy and that aren’t even outfits when put together. I’m not sure what’s happened to YogaClub in the last 12 months or so, but I’m done trying to figure it out.

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What do you think of YogaClub? Hav you had good or bad experiences with the boxes? Share in the comments below.

If you do want to try YogaClub, you can do here. I used to love the boxes but they’ve gone downhill, in my opinion.

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