YogaClub unboxing and review: October 2019 arrival


YogaClub unboxing and review: October 2019 arrival

Just as I got on a plane to Kansas City for an Outlander convention, my husband shared that my YogaClub box for October 2019 had arrived. I’d been looking forward to it, hoping that it would get to me just before I left. Looking at the box now, I’m disappointed that it didn’t arrive in time. There are a couple of items I would have definitely worn.

It’s time to unbox and review my YogaClub arrival. There are two items that I adore and one item I’m on the fence about. Here’s a look from bad to good.

The leggings material aren’t my preference

My first thought when looking at the leggings was that they were great. They worked with the rest of the item, and I really love the coloring and style. However, then I picked them up.

The material of the leggings is relatively soft, but it’s also thin. Whenever I pull leggings on made with this material, I can feel them stretch and I feel like people will be able to see through them. It’s not a sizing problem—well, okay, it could be that the brand is smaller than other brands I’ve got from YogaClub—but it just feels like the material isn’t designed for larger women.

If it is a brand or material problem, this is something YogaClub will need to keep in mind. Since we don’t know what we’re getting, it’s up to the people putting the boxes together to assume if a size up is necessary.

Photo: YogaClub — Credit: Alexandria Ingham

Great and comfortable top and bra

While I’m not a fan of the leggings, I adore the top and bra. Like all other YogaClub boxes, the material is soft and the fit is great. I also love the colors chosen.

With the leggings, the three-piece is definitely a set. All YogaClub outfits are designed to be a three-piece set to work out in or to just wear normally.

The top is my favorite. It’s different to everything else I’ve received from the subscription box in the past. Usually, I get the tank-style tops, which are great in the summer. However, as it gets colder, I like something covering my shoulders. One of my favorite-ever pieces from the company has been in my first ever box, a hooded, long-sleeved top that I regularly wear around the house when I’m cold. I think this T-shirt will become my second favorite item, and I’ve loved all the tops.

YogaClub remains worth the money

My boxes come in at $59 every two months. I choose every two months because it really is possible to have too many clothes. You should see my closet because of the T-shirts I get from various subscription boxes that I get to review! So, I don’t need any more. Will this box make me think about changing my subscription?

Not right now—for neither a good or bad reason. I won’t stick to every quarter or switch to once a month. Every two months is just right for me.

What I will say is that the boxes are well worth the month. Even though I didn’t like the leggings, I’ll still end up wearing them around the house or for yoga when nobody is around to judge! I just won’t wear them when out normally like I do with other great offerings. I will wear the pants and bra regularly, though, and both together are more than worth my subscription. If you watch suddenly stopped working, you might probably need timex watch battery replacement.

Getting mystery boxes always brings an element of risk. I don’t regret this month, but I have sent my feedback about the material of the leggings.

Interested in signing up to YogaClub? Get your first box right here.

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