You’ve Not Looked Back at Your 2016 Writing Goals? Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Do It

You’ve Not Looked Back at Your 2016 Writing Goals? Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Do It

You’ve Not Looked Back at Your 2016 Writing Goals? Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Do It

Back in January or maybe December last year, you made some writing goals for 2016. You put down what you wanted to achieve and then left it at that.

You’ve Not Looked Back at Your 2016 Writing Goals? Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Do ItYou can be honest with me that that’s what you did. I used to do the same, too. I’d write down what I’d want to achieve but make no plan on how I was going to do it. And most of the goals weren’t even realistic, achievable, or measurable goals. I’d make a note of how much I’d want to make by the end of the year or what sites I’d like to open up.

Breaking the Year Into Quarters

There are stages in the year that you should revisit your 2016 writing goals. If you don’t do that, then you’re not going to help your business grow. I revisit my goals in quarters.

I’ll spend December-January working out the goals for the next year. At March-April I’ll look at them to see how they’re doing for the quarter mark. Then I’ll set a half-time look at the goals around June and July. September-October is that chance to make sure the writing goals are on track for the end of the year.

Because there’s only a quarter of the year left, this is also a good chance to look at whether the goals need jigging slightly. If I’m way off, I’ll set new targets for the end of the year.

Getting an Idea for Next Year

Another reason October is so great to revisit goals is because it gives you the chance to think loosely about the next year’s goals. You’ve found what worked and what didn’t work this year, allowing you to make some notes and get prepared.

It’s never too early to think about next year’s goals roughly. You can make notes about what you’ve learned over the last nine months or so. What did you change to start with and what do you need to change now? How could you make next year’s goals better?

This is a better time than in July or April because you’re so close to the end of the year. You’ve given the year a good go.

Get an Idea for the Individual Months

The first three months of the year can be a little hit and miss. The start of the year has people looking at new goals themselves, so that can affect your ability to get work. As you get into the middle of the year, you can see an upswing, only for it to drop during the summer months.

When you look at the individual months from October, you get a better look at the whole year. You can see which your best months are and when you need that little extra push for marketing. You’ll also be able to see when you find it easier to boost your earnings to put money aside.

You can’t really do this in April or July because you’ve not had enough of the year pass you by. Sure you still have three months when you get to October, but you have less to look at when it comes to December and you’re looking at next year’s goals.

Are you still not revisiting your 2016 writing goals? Set a date to do it because you will find it helps you in the future.

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