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10 tips to spring clean your blog

Every year, we spring clean our house, right? Well, okay, we think about doing it. Your blog is another place you want to think about spring cleaning. Like your home, your blog ends up with some unnecessary and unwanted cobwebs. You’ll have old posts that are no longer relevant, links that don’t work, and even […]

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Harlow McGaw Media sites closing: Is there any hope for revenue share sites?

Writedge, Daily Two Cents, and other Harlow McGaw Media sites are closing down. They’ll shut their doors at the end of this month and the big question now is what’s next? Unfortunately, these sites are a string of other revenue share sites that have closed their doors. Over the last five years or so, we’ve […]

Residual Income

Seasonal vs. Evergreen Blog Posts: Which Are Better for Making Money Writing?

If you’re trying to make money writing, you’ve likely heard of both evergreen and seasonal blog posts. If you haven’t, you need to know about them. Seasonal posts are those that focus on a particular time of year. They could focus on a season, a holiday or a historical event, for example. Right now, many […]

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Making Money Blogging With Job Boards

I’m continuing with my making money blogging series today. Over the next couple of days I’m going back to just writing the blog posts rather than doing the videos. The days are not the best for creating videos, unfortunately, with so much other stuff going on around me. I’d rather get you the information in […]

Blogging Earn Money from Writing

Making Money Blogging With Webinars and eCourses

The video is proving to be difficult with having some time off for a conference. It’s difficult when plans change, and sometimes you have to adapt. This is one of those times. Instead of a video for this method of making money blogging, I’m going to do a proper blog post. It will allow me […]

Blogging Earn Money from Writing

Making Money Blogging Through Guest Blogging

It’s time for another video in my making money blogging series. I’m having so much fun with this, especially with doing it through videos! I love sharing different ways that you can make money just by owning a blog. Today’s focus is on guest blogging, which involves writing on someone else’s blog. You’re not necessarily […]

Blogging Earn Money from Writing

Make Money Blogging With Your Skills

It’s a fresh week, but I’m still on my make money blogging series. On Friday, I said I’d talk about making money with your skills, and that’s just what the video below discusses. This is another great way to make money online because you have more control. You determine the amount you charge, and the […]

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