How many clients should you have as a freelance writer?

Each type of freelance work will has space for a different amount of clients. How many clients should a freelance writer have? If you’re a therapist, you’re likely to have more clients than a freelance writer would have. That’s just the way the service works. After all, as a therapist, you’ll likely see a patient […]


Should you publish snippets of your work in progress when writing fiction?

When you write fiction, you’ll want to build up an interest in your novel. Publishing snippets of your work in progress could help do that, but is it the thing that you should do? If you look around at fiction writers, you may see that some publish snippets of the novel they’re working on. This […]

Budget and Money

5 signs your personal budget just isn’t right for you (and that’s okay!)

Creating a personal budget is easy. Sticking to it is hard. It’s even harder if the personal budget isn’t right for you. Everyone can set a personal budget*. You look at your income and your outgoings and write it all down. Now you have to stick to it, and this is the part that people […]

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