5 tips to balance the work at home mom life

The work at home mom life is extremely hard work. Not only do you need to focus on work when you have life around you, but you need to focus on life when you have work around you. I speak from experience when I say one tends to get in the way of another. Finding […]


5 Top tips to make your new habits stick as a work at home mom

You’ve entered or you are entering the world of being a work at home mom. While this is an exciting new venture, you’ll need to make changes. It’s important to create new habits, and you need to make new habits stick. It’s much easier said than done. It’s very easy to let your new habits […]


YogaClub review: Unboxing my January 2020 box

Just before the New Year, my YogaClub mystery box arrived. Recently, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the boxes due to the leggings, so I put off opening the box and sharing my YogaClub review with so much else going on. But it’s time to unbox and review the January 2020 YogaClub box. I’ll be […]


5 ways to do less but accomplish more as a work at home mom

Being a work at home mom is hard work. We have so much to get done, and there are always expectations that we’ll do stuff that wouldn’t be possible if we worked out of the house. How many times do people expect you to do the housework among your own work? I’m not going to […]


What to expect from Lifestyle with Alexandria in 2020

One thing you’ll notice from me is that I’m upfront when things don’t go to plan. I don’t try to hide behind things. It’s best to just hold my hands up and say my plan was too ambitious or I didn’t quite have a plan and just arbitrary goals with no idea how to reach […]


Life tips: 3 tips to say no to everyone in your life

As women, we tend to have trouble saying no. Okay, maybe not so much with our kids. I spend a lot of my time telling them they can’t have something. However, it can be difficult to say no to other people and this is one of those life tips you need to develop. Can you […]

Budget and Money

How we use credit cards but don’t get into debt

You’ll hear people tell you not to use credit cards. Many view them as the evil form of payment that puts a lot of people into debt. That can certainly be the case, but it’s not the credit card’s fault. It’s the way the cards are being used. We use credit cards every single month […]


5 tips to avoid overspending on Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here, and that means time to shop. The problem is that it leads to a lot of overspending, at a time of the year when you will already have more outgoings than usual. It’s important to set rules for Black Friday to avoid overspending. I used to be like you. I’d […]

Budget and Money

Why I use Mint for all my budgeting needs

There are plenty of budgeting tools out there. Some people will choose to use a standard spreadsheet, while others will opt for a paper planner. Others opt for tools like Mint. I have a mixture. I have a paper planner and home binder system. This is essential for me to keep track on a regular […]

Budget and Money

Why we save all year for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year. As we come to the season again, you’re possibly looking at your bank balance. We used to be just like that. Each year would roll by and we’d wonder how we’d be able to put on a great day. When our first daughter came […]

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