Budget and Money

Why having multiple savings accounts could be good for savings goals

If you have multiple savings goals, you need to think about where your money is going for each one. How are you separating your savings? You need to have multiple savings accounts. We had different savings accounts for all the different financial goals we have in mind. There’s one strictly for tax. 30% of everything […]


How getting your work-life balance is good for your mental health

Getting a work-life balance is essential. It doesn’t matter what you do as a work at home mom. You need that balance between your career, parenting, and your own time away from everything. It’s not just about looking after your physical health but also looking after your mental health. There are times that I need […]


5 reasons you need a jaw-dropping website for your WAHM business

When someone asks me how to make more money online, I ask them to see their website. You know what I hear? They don’t have one! That’s the biggest mistake you could possibly make when you start your WAHM business. You need to have a website—think of it as your online calling card. And I […]


Do you need a babysitter when you’re working from home?

A topic that is often up for debate when you’re working from home is whether you need a babysitter. Is it possible to work and look after children at the same time? This is something that more people (mostly women) are facing right now. Businesses are still having employees working from home, and they’re suggesting […]


When should a WAHM move on from their client?

When you first get your clients, whatever you do as a WAHM, you may envision working with them forever. That’s especially the case if they pay well and they are easy to work for. But plans change. There are all sorts of reasons you’ll want to move on from your clients. It’s not all about […]

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