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Hi there! I’m glad you found me.

Image: Alexandria Ingham

Are you looking for a freelance writing mentor and coach, who can help you to become a better freelance writer? You’ve definitely come to the right place!

I’m a blogger, writer, and journalist based in Ontario, Canada. When I started writing online in 2010, I had no idea what i was doing. By 2011, I’d created a full-time job and haven’t looked back since. I now have clients all over the world, and currently write for household brands, including Best Buy, Stub Hub, and The Huffington Post. I run SPN Hunters, which is all about the TV show Supernatural, and contribute as various other Entertainment sites online, including Hidden Remote and The Inquisitr.

Private clients include businesses big and small, many of whom I’ve been with for at least 12 months. I’ve negotiated better pay deals, good contracts, and rate increases over the years. Right now, I support a family of four just on my writing income alone.

It sounds like a dream, but it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve made some of the biggest writing mistakes ever. I’ve sent pitches that have been unanswered and received rejection. But I’ve also turned those nos into a yes. After building both my active and passive income, I’m at a point where I can help you.

Look no further for a freelance writing coach and mentor.

I want to help you become a successful writer and follow your dreams. With my experience, I can help you make $1,000+ per month from freelance writing alone.

Writing Mentoring Sessions for You!

I’ve been through the ups and downs as a freelance writer in Ontario. I’ve learnt things the hard way. I’ve figured out how to balance work and life, looking after two wonderful daughters and supporting a family solely on my income.

Image: Alexandria Ingham

I’ve worked with private clients, I’ve gone through content mills, I’ve even tried residual income sites. Really, I’ve seen and done it all and now I can help you avoid the bad steps and only take the good ones.

My work has been featured on various major websites, including The Huffington Post, The Inquisitr and Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing.

I’m now offering my services as a freelance writing mentor. Check out my mentoring page for your options!

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