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Residual Income

Revenue Share Site Blogging Challenge: Posts 9-13 Roundup

It’s the end of another week of posts. Well, sort of. We’re onto post 14 in the revenue share site series, so time for another weekly roundup. I haven’t quite stuck to posting daily–who would have thought SDCC 2018 would have been busy for a TV and movie niche revenue share site. As it’s post […]

Writing Tips

How Long Should You Give a Revenue Share Site Before Moving On?

If a revenue share site doesn’t make you money, it can become a waste of time. While there are certainly other benefits to writing at these sites, you still need to remember that your time is money. Eventually, you should start seeing financial benefits. I do recommend having realistic goals when you start writing at […]

Writing Pay

3 Things I Do to Boost My Revenue Share Site Income

Making money online is a dream of many and it’s become possible for a lot. Revenue share site income makes up a good 60% of my income alone. Between my husband and I, it makes up about 75% of our income. It’s certainly taken time to get to this point and I would like to […]

Residual Income

Revenue Share Sites Blogging Challenge: Posts 1-6 Roundup

I’m in the process of blogging for 31 days about revenue share sites (sometimes referred to as residual income sites). Don’t worry if you’ve missed any of the posts so far. Every seven posts I’ll do a roundup of the week, making sure you can catch up on the posts that you’ve missed. This is […]

Residual Income

How I Test If a Revenue Share Site Is Worthwhile

Once I’ve decided a revenue share site could be legitimate, I need to determine if it’s going to be worthwhile. This isn’t just about income–although that plays a heavy part–but if it’s going to be worth my effort. Is it a place that I’m going to enjoy writing and want to help grow. After all, […]

Residual Income

How to Tell a Revenue Share Site is Legitimate

There are many revenue share sites out there. They all claim big promises, it seems, when it comes to making money online. They’ll tell you all about the millions of viewers they get and how much some of their top earners make. But how much can you trust them? What is it that you should […]

Residual Income

How to Make Revenue Share Sites Work for You

You’ve decided that revenue share sites are something you want to try. There are many reasons for this. After all, you don’t have the costs and risks of setting up your own blog and you can instantly start making money writing online. Now you just need to know how to make it work for you. […]

Earn Money from Writing

5 Reasons Residual Income Writing Sites Help You Build Your Blogging Niche

Last week I shared how to use residual income writing sites to build your blogging niche. It’s an unpopular opinion that these types of sites—also known as content farms, passive income sites, and paid-to-write sites—help you make money. Well, they do. And I know so because I’ve made plenty of money through them. I don’t […]


How Do I Manage So Many Blogs?

I’m going to keep this short for today. I had a question last year when I mentioned that I have at least six blogs. I have more, but some of them have died or are at least dormant. The question was how could I possibly manage so many blogs. Especially when I have my eBooks […]

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