Budget and Money

If you don’t have pet insurance, this is what you need to do instead

Not everyone will be able to get pet insurance for their animals. If you don’t have it, make sure you have savings instead. I used to have pet insurance for both of my huskies. It was great until it wasn’t. There was an illness that was classed as connected to a previous problem and the […]


Why private clients remain the best way to make money writing

Do you want to make money writing online? You need to find private clients. They remain the best option for your needs. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for other ways to make money writing. I do love blogging, and I adore writing books. However, private clients remain the best option when it comes to […]


Google reminds us not to put our online writing into one marketing basket

Did you put all your online writing marketing in one Google basket? The recent changes remind us what to do instead. Major changes to Google’s search algorithm have led to a lot of good websites being hit. This Helpful Content Update has certainly affected the wrong sites in a lot of cases, but it brings […]

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