How YouTube has Just Supported My Point about Passive Income in 2018

Recently I shared a post about my honest view about passive income in 2018. Days later I received an email to tell me that my YouTube account would soon be no longer suitable for ads. YouTube’s actions prove my point about passive income this year. The video-sharing website is moving the goal posts. To be […]


My Honest Thoughts About Passive Income in 2018

I’ve had a lot of questions about sites that I recommend to earn passive income or just to make money anyway through. Each time I’ve not really answered or I’ve shared that working on your own blogs is the way. Of course, it’s not the answer people want. They want actual websites that they can […]


Inquisitr Review: Why I’ve Decided to Quit Writing at Inquisitr

It’s time for another update on the writing site known as Inquisitr. While I could have put in a quick update on my last Inquisitr review, I’ve decided to make another post. Why? Well, this is a big one. You should be able to tell that from the title. I’ve quit writing at Inquisitr. I […]


Are There Any Blasting News Alternatives?

If you’ve found me here, you’re looking for Blasting News alternatives because you don’t like the site. You love the writing but it’s not paying enough or you don’t trust the site owners. Quite honestly I understand it. I get a lot of questions about other places to write and I wish I could just […]


Blasting News Review: New Payscale Not Favorable to Most Writers

If you haven’t heard already, Blasting News has made changes to its payment model. After just six months of a supposedly successful $3 minimum, the site owners have scrapped the minimum guaranteed amount. The new model is supposed to be better for writers, but it will actually work out worse. I wanted to update the […]


Hidden Remote Review: A Site for Passive Income

Hidden Remote is just one of the latest pay-per-view sites that I’ve joined. I’ve actually been with the company for about a year now, so this Hidden Remote review is a little later than most others. From day one, my opinion with the company hasn’t changed. What Is Hidden Remote? Hidden Remote is a part […]


Inquisitr Review: New Pay Model Better for Writers?

While I could have updated my original Inquisitr review, there were too many changes and comments that I wanted to make. It seemed to make more sense to create a new review for the new pay model. If you want to read my original Inquisitr review, you can find it here. This will go over […]


SiteGround Review: Why You Need SiteGround Web Hosting

I’ve been with SiteGround web hosting since August 2016. It’s become my favorite web hosting company for a variety of reasons, and SiteGround. But I know you want to know why this company is the right one for you. Why should you trust them and how will they help you? These are the types of […]


9 Reasons a Self-Hosted Website Is Important for Freelance Writers

I’ve got to be honest and say that now a self-hosted website may not be as important as it once was. At one time, self-hosting was a way to put you above the spammers. It was harder to create a website and make it look professional. Getting your own web hosting is easy and affordable. […]


31 Blog Post Ideas for March

I know it’s not quite March yet, but now will be the time that you’ll be planning out your month. At least, you’ll plan out some ideas in pencil, right? That’s what I spent the weekend doing – actually, I planned in pencil all the way to the end of June! Sometimes coming up with […]

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