Budget and Money

Why you need to add another income stream to fight inflation

The general way people fight inflation is by cutting back on what they buy. However, you need to add another income stream. We’re all seeing inflation going up like crazy. Canada is hitting a 7% inflation hike this year, and that’s not even the peak. It’s sent prices skyrocketing, and there are a lot of […]


How to use Facebook to come up with topic ideas

When running a business, you likely have a blog. You’ll need new topic ideas, and Facebook can help you come up with them. All types of businesses can benefit from having a blog. You offer helpful information for free, and that builds your audience. However, you need to make sure you have consistency with your […]


3 tips for marketing your business while you’re away

You’re probably booking vacations for the summer months. Don’t forget about marketing your business while you’re away. It doesn’t really matter what your business involves. You may sell life insurance, you may be a writer, or maybe you’re selling cakes or other items you make. Whatever your business is, you need to take some time […]

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