Blasting News review: Should you sign up for the site?

Blasting News review

Blasting News review: Should you sign up for the site?

Blasting News is just one of the latest news sites that I’ve heard about for writers. It’s something that I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve tried but at the time I wasn’t ready to share my thoughts. Well, now I’m ready with my honest and open Blasting News review.

Just a note that these are my own opinions and thoughts on the site. I’ve tried both the U.S. and U.K. versions of Blasting News and my opinions are the same for both of them. I only ever review something that I’ve personally tried and tested, because I want to make sure I only recommend writing sites, services, and products that I truly believe in.

So, where do I start with this Blasting News review? Why not with some information about the site itself?

Note: While this does tell you all about Blasting News, the site has changed since Oct 2017. Here’s my updated Blasting News review about these changes.

Blasting News: Another news residual income site

Blasting News is another one of those social journalism-type sites. Very similar to the likes of the Inquisitr and Hidden Remote, it is set up for writers to create content around topics that are currently in the news. Writers have full control over the types of topics they write about, as long as there is a news slant.

It was created back in 2013 in Italy and has since grown to versions around the world. As I mentioned, I’ve written at the U.K. and U.S. versions of the site. The writers are called “Blasters,” and they are paid through views.

So, the more views you get, the more money you will earn. That is to a point and we’ll get to that later. The point is one of the downsides I’ve found writing at Blasting News.

Who I would recommend Blasting News to

Let me start my opinion part of the Blasting News review by saying that it’s not all bad. I don’t highly recommend the site, but those who want to get started and get their byline out there could benefit in some ways from using Blasting News.

It’s very much like a content mill. You’re writing to make someone else rich, and that is definitely the way with the way the payment model is set up. But what I will admit is that if you use it to your advantage, you could make sure you come out on top. You gain some experience in writing news-slanted content and can cover a range of topics to find your preferred niche.

By the time I’d started at Blasting News, I’d already developed my niche. I knew where I wanted to grow and started using the site as a way to further my position within the niche. Whether it’s been worth it or not, I’m not sure. There’s more on that later.

This can also be beneficial for those who already have a strong social media following. You get paid more for the social views than for Google search views, and it is possible to make a decent amount of money for a 400-word piece. It’s building that following, though. Of course, writing and social media followers can go hand in hand.

How to Make a Living as a Writer (Bell on Writing Book 7) ($)

The positives in my Blasting News review

There are certainly good aspects of the site. The first is that no experience is required. Remember that I’ve said that this is good for those who are just starting out and developing their craft and niche.

You also get to write the news that you want. If you prefer to focus on politics, then that is an option for you. If you love to write about The Walking Dead but hate the reality shows, there’s nobody there pushing you to cover a topic that you don’t want to do. This is something that I like about a lot of sites like this.

There’s the option of developing your following and your niche. It makes writing fun, so that’s certainly a plus that Blasting News has.

For those who don’t yet have the social media following, there is the Social Blaster program. This is set up so people with the social media following can share the content that they find interesting. They and you get paid for the views, although you get a lower pay than if you were to bring in the views yourself.

The benefit of the Social Blaster program is that your name gets out there. People start to read your content and they can follow you to find out more. As you build your social media following, you can then join the Social Blaster program to boost your income.

There is also the option of moving into the editing side of things. You get paid more by deciding which pieces need publishing and the ones that need sending back to writers.

Blasting News sometimes offers bonuses for content in certain niches or about certain TV shows. They are $5 bonuses for X amount of articles written within a certain time frame. They’re good if you want to quickly earn some money but they’re not the greatest. I’ve utilized the bonuses a few times.

What I have found is that they’re hard to track. You get an email to confirm the bonuses, but then there’s no confirmation once you’ve been paid those bonuses. And I’ve found that I didn’t get a confirmation even though I met the terms and I’m still chasing up on where those bonuses are. Needless to say, I’ll get to the (lack of) communication at the company in a few minutes.

Finally, there is the Blasting News Facebook groups. There is one for each site, officially run by the company. Other writers will be there to offer tips and ideas to get your articles seen by more people.

I’m a member in the groups but never found them overly beneficially for me. They’re good for those who are just starting out and finding their feet. The downside is that the posts are moderated before going live. If you ask a question about being paid, it’s not going to go up live for others to see and you’re not guaranteed to get an answer from anybody. I’ve found this with personal experience.

Is Blasting News a scam?

Yes, there are plenty of positives but there are also plenty of negatives. It’s these negatives that have pulled me away from the site. I need to be somewhere that is worthwhile for me financially and don’t put my eggs where they’re not utilized properly.

The pay at Blasting News isn’t that great. Let me say something though: yes, Blasting News pays its writers. The pay isn’t always on time, but the company does pay. Communication around the pay isn’t always the greatest, either! For two months straight (the first two months that I wanted paid) there were excuses for no payment on time. Needless to say, I made my disappointment known in the comments on the Facebook threads in the second month. These couldn’t be deleted.

You’re only paid for the first 30 days that your article is online. You want to get all your views within that time or you don’t get paid anything. And you will only start earning once you get the first 150 views. Now these 150 views can come from social, the Social Blasters, or search engines, but you still need to get a cumulative 150 views per article to start earning from it.

I didn’t realize this at first and nobody could tell me why a couple of articles hadn’t earned anything at all. Once I realized this, I only started writing where bonuses were available. What’s the point in writing something that I might not get paid for? The articles remain on the site after the 30 days and the site earns from it, so why shouldn’t the writers? And why don’t the writers earn from the start like other sites offer?

And to top it off, the pay isn’t that much. There’s a cap of $150 on the U.S. site. The U.K. site I think is £150 or 150 Euros. Either way, you can only earn a certain amount of money for each article that you write. Chances of you getting to that cap are slim, unless you have an excellent Facebook following. I can get 1000s of views but still earn less than $100 for my work.

The articles are extremely easy to write, so some writers will tell you that the pay and the cap are worth it. I don’t think they are. I think sites need to pay better wages. So far, the Inquisitr comes out on top still when it comes to paying writers for their views.

Getting bonuses can help but they’re only any good if you have an interest in the topic. There are some that I’ve just looked at and thought “well, maybe if I have time” or “not a chance, I’ll leave them for others.”

While you can write on any topic you want, so can anyone else. You can’t own a show or a niche, like you can with some other sites. For example, at Hidden Remote and The Daily Voice News I’ve committed to writing recaps for certain TV shows and I’m the only writer who will do them.

There’s no duplication policy in place, which means three or four people can cover the exact same story. This causes issues for views and makes the site look poor.

I also don’t really like the way the articles are laid out. No outbound links are allowed at all, even though these strengthen pieces. That means if you’re planning to use a site like this for your backlinking strategy, then think again! There really isn’t any point and there are plenty of other sites out there that pay better for that. HubPages and Wizzley come to mind for backlinking strategies.

You must link to two other Blasting News pieces (even if there is nothing already written in your topic) and you must have an image. The site pulls images itself for you to use, but I’ve noticed that some of these images are copyrighted or Getty images and there is nothing in place to cover you for legal action that could be taken, to learn how this can affect you, check this freelance email copywriter course. I still always grab my own images if I write there now. As for the other two links, they can be yours so it’s worth finding a way to add two previously written pieces in. I’ve had to get creative at times!

Some words have to be bolded throughout the piece, too. These are keywords, something like a TV show name, actress’ name, etc. This makes the pieces look SEO spammy in my opinion, but others like it. I guess it’s each to their own on that case. There are other style aspects that I just don’t like, but I think they’re more personal taste than anything else.

While there are editors, they’re not the greatest. I’ve noticed that mistakes have been added into my pieces and I can’t edit once the piece is published. Sometimes videos have been taken out with no explanation why. Yes the word “[Video]” will be left in the title, even though the video will be removed for no reason—and usually when the video is a necessity for the piece to make sense!

As I’ve mentioned in the positives, I had to get in touch about not getting bonuses email confirmations. Trying to get an answer to questions is sometimes almost impossible. In fact, the U.K. site I got an email asking why I hadn’t written anything recently. I get that this was likely generic but I replied to the email with my reasons of lack of communication—why write if I don’t know if I’m going to get paid?—and asked my questions again. The email was completely ignored. I had to go onto the chat on the site to make them aware of the problems and I was still ignored.

The Facebook groups are a little better but they’re still no perfect. I’m at the point where I’ve given up talking to anyone there. The Facebook group and email managers change regularly anyway, so it’s not like I’d be able to get straight answers without having to go back over issues in the past.

Finally, the site as a whole looks and feels clunky. The homepages don’t seem to be updated that often and there is just far too much information to look at in one glance. I like the layouts of Hidden Remote and The Daily Voice News when it comes to getting information. The backend site isn’t that easy to use either and sometimes I find it difficult to get back in once I’m on the home page!

Blasting News pay changes in 2016

I wanted to keep this separate in the Blasting News review. This is the main reason I completely stopped writing at the site and started putting this review together.

In late 2016, we were all sent an email about a change to the payments for views. Let me just start with saying that the payments were already low. The payments from views from Western, first-world countries was going up but any views from third-world countries was going down.

I don’t agree with this type of payment structure. Sure, the ad revenue would be lower but every single site has to factor that in. We have no control over where our views come from and certainly have no way of tracking something like this. This seemed like a dodgy way of making sure writers would be paid much less without being able to argue something—how do we know the views came from the first world countries?

Other sites have found a way of averaging the pay. It doesn’t matter if you get a view from Australia and then 1000 from India, you will still get 1001 views and be paid a flat rate.

I don’t support a site that doesn’t support the third world countries or their writers in third world countries, who are likely going to suffer more because of this payment structure.

I’ve also found out recently that the affiliate link doesn’t pay out if you don’t write an article every 30 days. I don’t agree with affiliate links needing those types of requirements. It’s not something I would have included here anyway, but what’s the point in recommending it if I’m not going to benefit from recommending it, unless I really really recommended it? The links to the sites that I do recommend here aren’t affiliate links, by the way. I just recommend them for various reasons.

Blasting News review

Blasting News review: My final thoughts

Blasting News isn’t for me. I tried it and gave it a good go, but I just can’t support it any more. The pay was already too low and the current change has made it worse, especially for the writers who write on some very niche news in their third world countries.

I also don’t like the payment caps or view requirements to even start to get paid. I’ll stick with the likes of Inquisitr and Hidden Remote. Other sites aren’t perfect but they’re better than I’ve experienced with Blasting News.

Is Blasting News a scam? Not quite, depending on who you ask because there are plenty of people who say they haven’t been paid since September 2016, but it isn’t the greatest. It’s a lot of work for little pay.

I hope you found my Blasting News review helpful. Have you written at the site or do you intend to? Share what you think about it in the comments below.

Update Feb 2017:

I like to make sure you’re aware of any changes. Unfortunately, the changes, in this case, are not positive. On Feb 19, 2017, Blasting News shared that it would start a new promotion, paying $10 per article guaranteed. There were no view minimums to meet. It sounded positive and it certainly seems to have been popular.

Less than 48 hours later, Blasting News decided to cut the guaranteed payment in half to just $5 per article. While it is more than just views alone, the announcement was made just hours before the changes would happen. Writers had planned their week around the idea of getting at least $10 per article — just 10 articles that take 15-20 minutes to write would net $100 — and instead are now questioning the legitimacy and reputability of the site. I’ve been in touch with Andrea Manfredi, CEO of the Blasting News brand but I am yet to get a reply on the matter.

It is certainly not a positive outlook for the site and suggests that there is some lack of planning, poor communication, and lack of funds to support such a long-term payment system.

Update Mar 2017:

The site has since introduced a $3 guaranteed payment for all articles published. The residual income system is still in place and will be on top of the $3 minimum. The $3 will be paid weekly, when you have earned at least $15 — the payments roll over until you have $15 for the week. All residual income is accumulated and paid out monthly if you have reached $50. No minimum views are needed to get the $3, although residual earnings only start once you get 150 views on an article.

Update October 2017:

The payscale has changed yet again. Rather than add to this Blasting News review, here’s a new post with my thoughts about it.

MORE: Why I decided to quit writing at The Inquisitr

What do you think of Blasting News? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

35 thoughts on “Blasting News review: Should you sign up for the site?

  1. Hi Alexandria,

    Excellent review of Blasting News. I’d written for them for a few months in 2016, but gradually diminished my presence there after passing my Inquisitr internship. Overall, my experience while writing for them (emphasis on “while writing”) wasn’t bad at all. Sure, they didn’t pay much, but when my articles got shared by the Social Blasters, I could often rely on a solid, but unspectacular payout. Pay would sometimes be delayed, but they’d always get back to me, and it was never delayed by more than a day or two.

    But that policy change of theirs where they’d increase the payouts for traffic coming from top English-speaking countries (good news) and greatly decrease payouts for traffic coming from other countries (BAAAAD news) was what turned me off and convinced me to stick to Inquisitr, as well as another site whom I do list-based articles for. I’m from the Philippines, so this didn’t bode well for me at all, especially since my average per article under the old system was less than $10 per article.

    Regarding the images thing, that was one area that frustrated me during my time with Blasting. Oftentimes I’d get email comments asking me to change the image, even if I had used something from their image finder.

    This was a very helpful review, and from my own point of view, Blasting isn’t a scam. But while I would have recommended it pre-payment structure change, that’s no longer the case with the new structure in place.

    1. Hi Lorenzo,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Great to hear that you passed the Inquisitr internship and I do hope you find the site profitable. I write the bare minimum there at the moment sometimes a little more and always come out with a decent enough paycheck each week. I keep thinking about writing more but there just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything that I want to do.

      I can see why the payment structure change would affect you. I’m sure you had a lot of traffic locally since you would have shared with your friends. I’m lucky that my friends are in the English speaking nations, but I can’t support a site that does something like this to others. And as you say, the pay was already low!

      That’s annoying that you would get emails to change the images. This is why I always looked for my own. I just didn’t trust the finder and still wouldn’t, even if I was at the site. It also doesn’t help that there have been three or four manager changes across the various country platforms, which suggests something just isn’t working. I’ll stick with the sites that pay a decent amount and respect writers from around the world.

      I’d be interested in the site where you do the list based articles. I wonder if it’s the same as a site review I have coming next week.

  2. Thanks for the updated review, I am an aspiring writer and someone just introduced me to the website.

  3. Hi Alexandria, First of all, I will share my blasting news experience and then will ask few queries.

    I have read negative reviews about Blasting news before I join the platform but actually, they do pay and I am quite about this. However, the payout is low and we can’t get a fixed pay. I don’t like the concept of paying for unique views and for 30 days alone, it’s like mostly trying to pay low amount and also limiting earning to 150 is another worse thing i.e when they don’t pay a fixed amount, i don’t understand why they have such limitations. Overall, BN is ok site.

    Coming to my queries,

    1. You have updated that Blasting news said to pay fixed amount in Feb and March, where you had this info? i.e i don’t know about this.

    2. Can you please share other sites like Blasting news which allow writers to write on topics they need and pay for the traffic or fixed paid (please try to give best to least based on your experience)

  4. Hi Alexandria,

    Can you answer the below, please?

    1. If we write 10 articles now then we get paid $3*10=$30 irrespective of minimum views? or else there is any condition for getting paid?

    2. At the same time, What is the current compensation for generic views in US platform for Top countries and rest of the world?

    1. The $3 is for the US platform right now. The money is paid regardless of views. Any view earnings you get are paid on top of this $3.

      As for the current compensation, it will depend on the topic that you’ve written on. Showbiz and Sports categories tend to have the better rates and I think it’s around $6 per 1000. That’s a rough guide right now as I can’t find the exact amounts in my emails.

      And other sites similar can be found with a quick Google search. I’ve shared some of the ones that I’ve personally tried on the blog. I’d advise you to do a Google search and then look into the reviews of each one from people who have personally tried the platforms.

  5. You summed up my views of Blasting News (BN) after writing there for about a year. Because I don’t rely on it for my main income source, I tell people who do make a living writing to find another outlet. For beginners, it’s also not great as they rarely if ever copyedit so the site is filled with clunky sentences, wrong tenses, run-on sentences, and awful headlines. I mean, how many times can a writer say “Epic” in a given month? Apparently a lot.

    Because you can’t link to third-party sites to back up your claims, you can get around it by embedding a tweet that links to the information that backs up your claims. 🙂 Same with embedding Facebook posts. YouTube videos are allowed if they are ‘G’ rated and the reviewers, who are the real moneymakers at BN, consider them germane to the article.

    Another issue is that they change their writing rules all the time. I wrote for the U.S. site and have done numerous articles about ‘World’ issues, like polar bears. Then out of the blue a ‘World’ article I wrote was rejected because it wasn’t related to the U.S.

    I can also reiterate the pay is awful. I mean really awful. I have a large social media following and write five 300-word article each week. That gets me less than $50 a month, or $2.50 per article. Each article takes me four to five hours to write, find tweets to embed, and artwork to use.

    The site has also become a haven for partisan hacks to write pro-candidate articles under the auspices of ‘news.’ Some of it is so blatant during the 2016 campaign I left a comment asking if the writer was on Hillary’s campaign team. Same with pro-Trump writers. And they put their articles under News, not Opinion. I don’t care if people have or want to write an opinion piece, but if the reader knows your political affiliation from a news article, then it’s not a news article.

    So, like other people, I’ve had it with BN. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I actually dreaded having to write for them and all the work it entails for such a small payoff.

    The owners are the ones making money off the writers’ backs. The site is ranked by Alexa at 120. The U.S. site is ranked at 680. That’s actually very good and very suspicious given it doesn’t do outbound links and nobody I talk with has ever heard of BN.

    And there are NO sharing buttons for people to share your articles on social media. They’ve been promising this for a year now but still haven’t added a way for visitors to share an article to Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. After reading this article I don’t understand why. If you get paid by social media views and they make money from ad revenue, then why would you make it impossible for visitors to share news articles?

    These news aggregator sites make the owner between $10,000 to $50,000 a week in ad revenue. Multiply that by 52 and you can see the enormity of how the writers are getting ripped off. It’s also embarrassing to say “I work for Blasting News.” Anyways, thanks for the very thoughtful review as it helped me make the decision to dump BN.

  6. Hi Alex. I was recently accepted as a writer for BN, but right now, I’m having second thoughts. Your article is very much helpful. And I’m really doubting if I should continue writing for them.

    I will update you if they do pay me byJune 10th or 15th.

    1. I have never been paid within the window. The last payout I didn’t receive at all until I questioned it and was then told that there was a cock up with the software and I wasn’t over the $50 threshold but then mysteriously got a payment. The communication is terrible! And they wonder why people get annoyed with them.

  7. I’ve written a few articles for them, and while I love the flexibilty, I think the site on the whole is unprofessional. I wrote a “breaking news” story (the death of Roger Ailes) but it took several hours for it to post. By then, it was old news. Also, they don’t have a strong social media presence, at least one in the U.S. that indicates it’s a reputable news site. Their Twitter posts, for example, rarely get liked or retweeted. At least Inquistr has some social media clout (or should I say Klout?). It’s fine if you have a full-time gig like myself and enjoy the extreme flexibilty, but if you are looking for steady income or byline/name recognition, best to move on, I think.

  8. I wrote over a dozen political and other news stories between April 15 -May 25th that took quite a bit of time when you look at the amount of research it took to make sure all my information​ was factual and my sources legitimate, and all I got paid was $35. Plus Blasting News owns all the rights to my work. I’m glad I found your review. I just wish there were more sites that pay better considering I have overer 12 years of experience and journalistic skills. I also wish more content sites were set up to use Chitika over Google AdSense since once you quit using it for a period of time and forget your login information you are screwed because you can’t get hold of anyone at Google to cancel your AdSense account or access the old one. And since sites like Blasting News don’t allow back links making extra income doing what you love or supplementing a part time income is nearly impossible. All I know is I also can’t afford to practically give my time and talent or all the rights to my work away either.

    Thank you​ for providing the truth about Blasting News before I submitted the article I just finished.

  9. You should maybe mention that with the $10 and $5 “bonuses,” they weren’t actually bonuses, they were “prepayments,” which I, and many more, didn’t understand from their emails.

    I claimed a monthly payment two months ago and got it with no problems. However when I saw I had $294 due at the end of May, I decided to claim another payment, only to find AFTER payment date (today, 17 days later) that it was taken up by paying BACK the $5 bonuses and apparently I am still $135 overdrawn on those….

    While the $3 per article is welcome (although not much for the work done since they increased the minimum characters), it’s hardly worth getting any decent page views if they are just going to take back the balance of their so-called “bonuses.”

    This is one really weird company to deal with – I will carry on for now, but as soon as I find something better, they can keep the balance of my “overdraft!”

    1. This is very true! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this. I love how there’s still no apology for the “bonus” actually being a cash advance. I had to laugh the other day when I got an email to find out why I hadn’t posted anything for a whole 10 days!

      1. LOL! I did hear from Kayan that the finance woman was fired for overpaying us. I got a payment two months ago, which I apparently should never have had, because it was part of their so-called bonus “overdraft!” This month I was waiting and got nothing.. How they could just leave it until we started wondering where our payment was is unforgivable.

        1. No I didn’t hear that. Maybe they should have just sucked it up. Communication is a major bug-bear for me. Sites don’t do well if they don’t communicate properly with their writers.

  10. Thanks for the review! I signed up just to see. I tried out an article and it ended getting rejected, even after I changed it per their suggestions. Why? They didn’t say, only said that I need to follow the editing comments. And I did! The only thing I can think of was that the image wasn’t potentially good to use, even though I used their image finder. I have my own blog and I was thinking I could just take my article elsewhere but sadly, that’s not the case. That’s what I get for not writing it out separately.

  11. Thank you for this review! Helps a lot.

    Just one quick question: what exactly do you mean by the payments rolling over “until you have $15” for the week? Just wanted to clarify.

    1. You don’t get paid anything less than $15. So if you wrote four pieces and earned $12, that would roll over to the next week. You write one that week for the $3, you’d get paid $15 for the two weeks of work.

  12. Hi! I just joined Blasting News this past week, have tried to submit 3 articles so far, and I’ve never been so frustrated. I’m finding that you get different guidelines depending on the editor you happen to get and it feels like they aren’t adequately trained. I’ve blogged for years on Huffington Post and I’m a licensed attorney; yet, I’m getting notes that are far more concerned with format over substance. They also don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to fair use of images. I find it unprofessional and slimy that they won’t allow you to link to external sites but only Blasting News articles. I’m getting a real sense why we require journalists to go to school now. Social journalism isn’t what it’s cracked up to be – at least at Blasting News. My gut is telling me to run so I’m done wasting my time with this site.

    1. I’ve heard from a lot of writers who have found this. I double checked to find out if there were any changes to the guide but never actually got a straight answer. Any questions surrounding editing are never in the Facebook group to get to the bottom of things.

      1. I get the same issue and some of the so-called editors do more harm than good – making changes to the text that take away the original and correct meaning! They seem to take on just about anyone as an editor these days. It ends up with having to ask Saja or Kayan to fix the mistakes the editors made.

    2. Each editor has his/her own preference. One editor might return an article that the other might publish without a single correction. It has been about 8 months (my overall writing experience is 8 years) since I’ve been writing for them and I still get articles sent back for a various reason.

      1. With a site the size of BN, editors shouldn’t have their own preference. They should follow a specific style-guide. I’m actually going to be updating the review (likely writing a new one) soon, with some recent changes that have happened.

        1. Talking about the “New compensation scheme,” I didn’t find it any different from the earlier one as far giving writers an opportunity to make more money is concerned. To be honest, I think BN is ideal for someone who does not expect to earn more than $3 per article. A large number of my articles have garnered ZERO hits, and I wonder if that’s even possible with me sharing each published article on social media. As if that weren’t enough, their capping system further demotivates a writer to give his/her 100%. Is anyone familiar with a better option? I’ve tried writing for blogs but they do not provide regular work.

  13. I’ve been writing for BN for a while now, and I’m only writing for them until I find something good and reliable. Their pay is not good enough to keep any good writer glued to the company for long. I’ve been a freelance writer for about 8 years and have garnered over 200000 views on some articles. I’m not sure if BN is restricting views in some way or the other. I prefer the good ‘ol CMS format where I could see how many views each of my articles got. But thanks to an unexpected change in Google Algorithm, all the good paying online publications, like the ones I used to write for, have perished, and BN is taking full advantage of writers who do not have any other source of income. The one and only upside working with BN are that they’ve paid me on time until now, but just a couple of days back they gave writers a choice between staying with their current payment format or voting for a new one (which would change their weekly payout to monthly payout). Both are equally bad. If someone here knows about a website that pays a respectable pay to its freelance writers, please drop me an email at

  14. Good afternoon! Alexandria, it was very useful to read your review. I have been working for BN for 8 months, as I am a foreigner, I relied on $3 for every news. It was nice to work there, as normally I got 1 rejection after 8-9 published news. Please, give me some advice how you gain views for your news, at least a bit. What exact steps should I do? I tried to use Facebook, but t did not help me much. Be so kind to reply. Thanks! Best wishes

    1. Quite honestly, I’ve never made BN work for views. I took advantage of the $3 here and there when I needed a little top up but am not even bothering with it any more. I find it odd that everywhere else I write, a topic will get 1000s of views but only 10 if I’m “lucky” on BN.

        1. I decided to post one article on Monday – about Halloween/terror-related so very relevant. Got 1 generic view which gives me a huge total of 0.01c.

  15. True. Like Alexandria, I have written for sites where I got 1000s of views, but that rarely happens at BN, even if by some miracle you come up high on Google News for the keywords.

    1. Exactly. I and some other writers from University Herald (BAM Publication) joined BN after BAM decided to steal our hard earned money. We joined BN hoping to recover our losses but even after months of writing for them, I have not even earned half of what I earned there. Due to this, I have to force myself to write for BN and as a result, I am not very excited working with them. On an average, I used to earn nothing less than $1500 a month, but now even $15 seems to be a struggle because out of every 5 article I plan to submit every day, about 3 get rejected for trivial errors.

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