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Where Have I Been These Last Two Months?

It’s been more than two months since I last posted on this blog. I actually have something sitting in drafts ready to go, but it never got scheduled to go live. Then I seemed to drop off the face of the planet, right? I’ve barely been active on my Facebook page and I archived my […]

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5 Things I Learned Writing at Content Mills

Content mills are viewed as this bad thing for the writing world. They churn out content at a low rate of pay for the writers. Because it’s ghost writing, content mills are viewed as an exploitation of writers; that there’s nothing to gain from writing. Well, I know my opinion is unpopular, but I actually […]

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Making Money Writing: My Great Content Review

I’m going to look into another content mill today and that is Great Content. So many people ask whether making money writing for content mills is possible, and I tried to cover that with my overview on The Content Authority. However, there are different mills and different pay scales. That’s why it’s important to cover […]

Earn Money from Writing

Why You Need to Stop Writing for Content Mills!

Before I start this, I want to be very honest. My views of content mills have changed. I actually believe you should look at each content mill on its own merits. Before I start writing for content mills, I look at their minimum payout threshold, whether they have forums (and then check the forums for […]

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