Got a Spare 5 Minutes? It’s Time to Use Them Productively

As a freelance writer, you need to be as productive with your time as possible. That means using those spare 5 minutes as much as you can. I tend to use 5 minutes for writing, planning, and social media promotion. It all depends on the next piece that I need to do and what I’m […]


Why Sometimes You Need to Change Your Blog’s Theme

How long have you had your current theme for your blog? Is it time to change your blog’s theme? I’ve had this one on my writer mentor site for the last three years! Yes, three years of the same look! That’s longer than I’ve had my hair colour! Honestly, it’s time for a revamp and […]


How I Use Timesheets to Be a Productive Writer

Being a productive writer is essential. It’s so easy to get lost in blog posts and writing, but that would mean I couldn’t get enough done. My whole writing schedule would be for nothing! After working in admin roles over the years, I’ve found timesheets really useful to be a productive writer. I use them […]


How to Move Country and Write at the Same Time

The last four months have been spent moving country. I’ve still kept up with my writing business and learned some lessons along the way. Now that I’m finally setup with an internet connection in my apartment, it’s time to share my tips on how to move country and write at the same time. This is […]


A Current Day in the Life of a Writer

Many people ask what a day in the life of a writer is really like. Everyone will be different. For me, my day revolves mostly around my girls. I’ll have to work around their naps and their activities. Each day is completely different, so trying to actually go through a day in my life is […]


What Do TV Show Writers Write About During the Summer Hiatus?

I’ve recently decided to break into the TV show niche. It’s been a profitable one for some time and I just never appreciated how profitable. Now I know and I’m enjoying writing. But there’s one thing that many people ask me about this niche. What will I write about between the seasons? Most of the […]


How I’m Using Trello for Writing

I’ve started using Trello on a daily basis for my writing needs. It was because two clients use it for tracking work and I thought I’d give it a try. It’s changed my ability to track my earnings and store my writing clips. How do I use it? It’s really simple, if I’m honest. I […]


Inquisitr Review: A News Site That Pays

Things have changed a lot since I wrote this first Inquisitr review. I’ve added some updates at the bottom of this piece. A change in July 2017 was so big that it called for a new review post. You can find this newer post here. This review will share why I used to highly recommend Inquisitr to […]


Do Work at Home Moms Need to Arrange Childcare?

As a freelance writer, I chose to put my elder daughter into nursery when she was about 18 months old. I didn’t have to for my work. Not really. It wasn’t like I couldn’t work with her around. There were lots of factors that made us decide that nursery was right for our daughter. Work […]


Juggling Writing and a Newborn: Effective Tips to Help

Juggling a newborn with your writing isn’t going to be easy. I remember the first time I had to do it, and while she wasn’t a newborn when I went back to work, I did have to rearrange a few things to make it all work. This time, my daughter will only be a few […]

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