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Budget and Money

How we use credit cards but don’t get into debt

You’ll hear people tell you not to use credit cards. Many view them as the evil form of payment that puts a lot of people into debt and that’s why many companies decide to do the more simple thing and get a debt collection software making it easier to collect debt. That can certainly be […]

Budget and Money

Why I use Mint for all my budgeting needs

There are plenty of budgeting tools out there. Some people will choose to use a standard spreadsheet, while others will opt for a paper planner. Others opt for tools like Mint. I have a mixture. I have a paper planner and home binder system. This is essential for me to keep track on a regular […]

Budget and Money

Why everyone needs to be on board with your family budget

You’ve got your family budget created. Despite all the effort you’re making to stick to it, you’re not finding that it’s working out. Someone in the house is still overspending. The biggest problem you face is likely that people in your family aren’t on board with the new family budget. They may not even know […]

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