YogaClub review: Unboxing my January 2020 box


YogaClub review: Unboxing my January 2020 box

Just before the New Year, my YogaClub mystery box arrived. Recently, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the boxes due to the leggings, so I put off opening the box and sharing my YogaClub review with so much else going on. But it’s time to unbox and review the January 2020 YogaClub box.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t love it. Part of the problem with the mystery boxes is that I don’t get to know what the planned material for the leggings is going to be. And so I can’t factor in sizes for that.

The wrong leggings again

I’m on the larger size, so I tend to get L or XL depending on where I’m buying from. With YogaClub, it’s possible to set for the in between sizes, so I can set that I’m between both. I’d hoped that this would make sure the leggings fit properly each month.

That’s not turning out to be the case. The material for the leggings in the last few boxes has been this shiny, tight lycra, and it’s getting annoying. I fill out the reviews for each of the boxes making it clear that I didn’t like the material, but it’s hard to explain what’s so bad about it, except that it comes in a much smaller sizing than other awesome leggings I’ve received. I hate that a large isn’t a large everywhere!

I’ve sent the feedback again. Hopefully, next month will be different, otherwise I think I’m going to have to cancel my subscription because it’s not working out.

A smaller-sized bra

The bra was also a problem. Again, it comes down to the material, and I have this problem with another bra from a box last year.

There’s a very tight band at the bottom. This is great for support, but it digs into my ribs. However, the rest of the bra fits great, so it really is just this band.

And it’s a shame because I love the color. The fit around the shoulders is also perfect, not dragging forward and pulling at the back of my neck.

The T-shirt is a strong point

The one item I do love in the YogaClub box for January 2020 is the T-shirt. However, I will admit that there was a huge purple overload in this box. I love purple, but I wouldn’t wear all three items together. And the items are supposed to go as a set.

Like the baby blue shirt I got in the last box, this shirt is light and comfortable. It works well for this time of year where I need something a little warmer but don’t want anything too long-sleeved for all workouts or days out. I do wear the shirt regularly around the house because it’s so comfortable.

Would I recommend a YogaClub subscription?

I don’t like giving a lot of negatives about a box. After all, I’m supposed to be recommending the box, right? Well, I do still recommend it, but I suggest thinking carefully about your plan. I get the Guru box every two months. I think before I completely cancel the subscription, I might switch to just getting it quarterly, but right now, it’s every two months.

The items are good quality. Whether you like them or not is going to be a personal choice. From a distance, the leggings look great, but when on, they don’t fit right.

It is a sign that I need to lose weight (something I’m actively trying to do but medical problems make it hard), but that’s going to take some time. Those who are slim and toned probably won’t find a problem with the leggings.

If you do want a YogaClub subscription, you can grab one directly from the website.

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