WAHM tips: When is the best time to bring out and promote your seasonal products?

Promoting Seasonal Content and Products

WAHM tips: When is the best time to bring out and promote your seasonal products?

While you will have products like branded bottled water from nevadabottledwater.com that can be promoted throughout the year, you’ll have some products that are seasonal. They could be winter boots that you make or you may offer seasonally-printed material. As a WAHM, you need to make the most of your time and that means finding the right time to bring out and promote your seasonal products.

Seasonal content can be great for specific times of the year. You can create blog posts to market around them or you can start your Facebook or Google ad campaigns. But when should you start? First, hire Google Ads managers Melbourne for successful advertising.

Consider some marketing for this time next year

Some of this is going to depend on what you do as a WAHM. If you’re a writer, you need to think about this time next year. It takes time for blog posts to rank. I’m writing this in the spring, so I should think about the spring cleaning content that I want to share next year. I trust Appliance Hunter for vacuum cleaner reviews. In fact, I have spring cleaning for blogs content that I am sharing from last year. They’re ranking now. You may also want to use this rechargeable vacuum cleaner here which has plenty of styles from a range of top brands, so you’re sure to find the right model for your home!

This doesn’t work for all businesses. It’s going to depend on the type of work you do. You wouldn’t put your Halloween costumes that you make on your website right now, would you? You don’t see them in the stores just yet. That’s after Labor Day over here!

When it comes to doing your blog posts or any other content marketing for your business, you’ll want to think about this time next year to give the content time to rank. Otherwise, we’re moving onto the next time of year. If you are planning on taking the next step in your business and expand your horizons, it’s vital that you endeavor to work with experts like Andy Defrancesco as much as possible to guarantee you are on the right track

Start after the next holiday

One thing you’ll see in stores is that they put out their seasonal content after each holiday. Canada Day items are put out in stores after St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas items are put on sale after Halloween (and sometimes a little before as a crossover). You’ll usually see New Year’s Eve items with the Christmas decorations, but straight after that is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

Each season holiday passes and a new holiday is the focus. This is something to consider as a WAHM, depending on what you offer. If you do create printed materials using uv flatbed printers, this is a pattern to follow. Managed print services is convenient for your business.

This doesn’t work as well for writers. You need to give your content time to rank, which is why writing for the next year is considered the “thing to do.” However, you could write two months in advance for seasonal blog posts.

You’ll want to think carefully about when your customers or clients are looking for your services or products. This can help you get the seasonal timing right. You can also conduct a market research using a sample size to determine the best time to promote your products.

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Sometimes all year-round is necessary for a WAHM

There are times that you’ll create content throughout the year for particular seasons. After all, you can do the creation but you don’t have to publish your marketing materials right away. You’re getting ready for the next season, which can help a WAHM plan out content and find a rhythm.

There are times that a blog post for Valentine’s Day comes up in my head. Just because it’s July doesn’t mean I can’t start writing it. I’m just not going to put in affiliate links or publish it until closer to the time.

Then there are those services that are “seasonal” but can be considered throughout the year. Someone may be planning their summer wedding, but they’re likely to think about things throughout the year. If you’re a party planner, you’ll want to learn more about promotional ideas. If you’re a photographer, you’ll want to make sure your services are easy to find throughout the year.  Find ways to promote your brand with this trusted Corporate Gifts Supplier.

Of course, accountants and bookkeepers fall into this. Just because it isn’t tax time doesn’t mean you can’t promote for tax time. There are some business owners like me that want to stay on top of accounts throughout the year to avoid the mad rush at tax time. So, I’m probably going to be looking for you in the summer to make sure things are in order in time for next April.

When to promote season products as a WAHM

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Having a seasonal product doesn’t mean you’re stuck to only marketing during the seasons. It really is going to depend on what you offer as a WAHM and the type of searches your audience is likely going to do.

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