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Do you need to be a full-time writer to be successful?

Everyone will have a different definition of success. You don’t need to be a full-time writer to be successful. It depends on your goals. I hate when people say “you’re not a published author, so you’re not a success.” I’ve heard that when I’ve said I’m a writer. I’m a full-time writer, and I’m still […]


How many clients should you have as a freelance writer?

Each type of freelance work will has space for a different amount of clients. How many clients should a freelance writer have? If you’re a therapist, you’re likely to have more clients than a freelance writer would have. That’s just the way the service works. After all, as a therapist, you’ll likely see a patient […]


Should you publish snippets of your work in progress when writing fiction?

When you write fiction, you’ll want to build up an interest in your novel. Publishing snippets of your work in progress could help do that, but is it the thing that you should do? If you look around at fiction writers, you may see that some publish snippets of the novel they’re working on. This […]


Why private clients remain the best way to make money writing

Do you want to make money writing online? You need to find private clients. They remain the best option for your needs. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for other ways to make money writing. I do love blogging, and I adore writing books. However, private clients remain the best option when it comes to […]


Google reminds us not to put our online writing into one marketing basket

Did you put all your online writing marketing in one Google basket? The recent changes remind us what to do instead. Major changes to Google’s search algorithm have led to a lot of good websites being hit. This Helpful Content Update has certainly affected the wrong sites in a lot of cases, but it brings […]


The ‘broke and lazy’ TikTokers are a scam when making money online

Watch out for the “broke and lazy” TikTok craze at the moment. The people making these videos aren’t telling you the truth. I’ve seen a lot of videos on TikTok about online ideas for the “broke and lazy.” They focus a lot on quick things that cost nothing to set up, and even show you […]

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