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How to work on your business when your spouse isn’t supportive

In an ideal world, you’ll have a supportive spouse to work on your business. What happens when you don’t have that? When you start a business, you hope that you’ll have a supportive spouse. This certainly makes working on the business much easier. Not everyone gets that, though. Your spouse may be openly unsupportive, putting […]


How to handle personal trolls when you’re running a business

If you run a business, you open yourself up to trolls. What happens when you end up with personal trolls causing problems? A lot of people in business have to deal with trolls. That’s normal. Sometimes, though, these trolls aren’t just random trolls we pick up. They are people in our personal lives. I’ve had […]


5 tips to deal with a client who thinks they’re your boss

When you work for yourself, you’ll gain clients. I’ve had to deal with a client who things they’re my boss, and here’s how I’ve handled it. When you start your own business, you’ll be excited. You have control over your schedule, and you’ll get to say just how much work you take on. There’s a […]

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