5 signs your marriage is still worth fighting for

5 signs your marriage is still worth fighting for

5 signs your marriage is still worth fighting for

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It looks like your marriage is coming to an end, but you don’t want that. Here are five signs your marriage is still worth fighting for.

They say that 50% of marriages end in divorce. It can make you wonder if it’s even worth going into marriage in the first place. What about when you end up seeing signs that your marriage just isn’t over?

Giving up can be the easy option. Some people just don’t want to fight, or maybe things are seem too bleak to even fight for. Your friends are getting divorced, and maybe you’re seeing signs that you want to go that route.

However, marriages are still worth fighting for in a lot of cases. You don’t just want to give up on them. I have shared the times when you should walk away from your marriage, but I also want to go into the signs that your marriage is still worth fighting for.

Of course, if there is abuse or cheating, I recommend walking away immediately. Ignore other feelings and get out!

Your marriage is still worth fighting for if you love each other

Let’s start with the main reason to work on your marriage. If you both still love each other, there are signs that you can work through your problems. Love conquers all, right?

A lot of times, it’s outside problems that get in the way of a happy marriage. It could be issues at work, or it could be things going on with parents. It’s time to step away from all of that and focus on your feelings for each other.

Do you love each other? If so, then why aren’t you trying to work through your problems*?

Your problems aren’t to do with the marriage or each other

There are a lot of outside issues that can cause problems for a marriage. It could be health, finances, work, or just general life stresses. They all end up building up, and they can lead to problems in the marriage.

A lot of couples end up not talking to each other. They don’t lean on each other when it comes to life’s stresses, or maybe they just don’t understand why each other is struggling. I get it. We can all end up caught up in our own little bubbles.

Look at the problems in your marriage objectively. Are they actually with each other, or are they linked to outside issues getting in the way of your happiness? You may be surprised by how things can change when you lean on each other for support.

You’ve simply grown apart but you want to be together

A lot of things in life can lead to couples growing apart. This is often the case when we have kids. It’s not the kids’ fault, but they just become a part of our lives that take time away from our spouses. It’s normal for the spouses to start to drift apart.

This can be even harder when it comes to work. Maybe one parent feels like all the childcare is falling on them and they don’t get a needed break. The other one thinks that work is falling on them and they don’t get a break. Both parents end up resenting each other rather than working together.

You need to be honest with each other at this point. Communication is essential. The two of you need to spend more time together and find what drew you together in the first place. Your marriage is still worth fighting for.

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You still enjoy spending time with each other

If you don’t like each other, then I’d say your marriage is over. But what if you actually like spending time with each other? What if you want to spend time with each other?

Sometimes, the flame starts to die. There are a lot of issues in life that lead to passion disappearing from a relationship. That doesn’t mean the marriage has to be over*, though. You both need to work together to get through this patch.

What brought out the passion in the first place? As you start to find it again, you’ll start to realize that you never wanted to end the marriage in the first place. You just thought that things were dying and thought it would be easier.

Your marriage is still worth fighting for if there’s commitment

Are you both fully committed to each other still? This is something that you need to be honest about. If there is infidelity, I don’t think marriages can be saved. Without trust and respect, there is no love. Without love, what’s the point in a marriage?

However, if you are both committed to each other, what’s stopping you from fighting for your marriage? Sure, temptation comes your way, but that doesn’t mean you acted on it. It doesn’t mean that you’ve actively taken the step to end the marriage completely. In fact, you made a choice to fight for your marriage. It’s clear that you want to.

So, why not put the effort in? Why aren’t you both sitting down and getting to the root of the issues so that you can save your marriage?

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What are your signs that your marriage is still worth fighting for? Share in the comments below.

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