5 quick tips to improve your mental health right now as a WAHM

improve your mental health

5 quick tips to improve your mental health right now as a WAHM

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You’re overworked and underpaid. Being a work at home mom is stressful. These are five tips to improve your mental health right now.

Being a work at home mom is hard. Someone always needs you. It could be your work, your children, or your partner. You just never seem to get time to yourself.

You find yourself in the middle of your work completely burned out. You need just five minutes to yourself or you’re going to implode. These tips are for those exact moments.

Not everyone has time to get out for a walk. You may not be able to do the yoga and desk exercises you’re seeing everywhere. You just need a quick five-minute or 10-minute break that will boost your mood, just a little. You just need to get to the end of the day when the warm, relaxing bath is waiting for you.

Let’s get into it. Here are five things I suggest when you need to improve your mental health quickly for a short burst.

5 tips to improve your mental health in 5 minutes

Stare at a wall

If you’re overworked, you may find yourself dissociating. This isn’t just letting your mind put you into some fantasy world, although it can happen something like Outlander Season 5 when escaping trauma. Dissociating is just a case of your mind and body not being connected.

It can be a symptom of a far more serious problem. It is connected to a lot of mental health disorders and issues. However, it also happens from burnout. Your mind and body just can’t work in sync with each other.

Allow yourself to dissociate. There’s nothing wrong with just staring at a wall and letting your mind think of whatever you want. Don’t control what your mind is doing. Just allow it the time to think of whatever it wants. It’s just your mind telling you that it needs some time to focus on not what you’re forcing it to.

If you can, give yourself 10 minutes instead of just five. But if you only have five minutes, set a timer and stare at the wall. You’ll be surprised by the way your brain is ready to engage afterward.

Don’t like the wall? You can also look out a window. Speaking of windows…

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Watch the traffic or people outside

Use the window as a way to give your mind a break. If you can, open it and let the fresh air in. This is a great way to allow the air to boost your energy levels. If you’re anywhere like me in the middle of February, though, it’s too cold and wet to open the window, though.

Allow yourself to stare outside. Watch the traffic pass by, or watch the people. You can even watch the clouds or the animals. Take a look at all the trees and other wildlife and elements of nature outside of your window. But if you want to control the amount of sunlight entering your room, consider installing roller blinds hornsby.

We go through life too quickly. We forget to stop and appreciate what nature has offered us. Now is a great time to do that.

Allow your brain to slow down a little. Take it off work and onto something unimportant. It’s like staring at a wall but a little more interesting.

Get up and just dance to one track

Sometimes you’re overworked but you have a lot of built-up energy. This can happen a lot if you’re working in a fairly sedentary job.

To improve your mental health, you need to get up and move. I’m not telling you to go for a walk or to head outside for a run. I’m not even telling you to do a home workout. Do something that’s fun and doesn’t feel like a workout.

It’s all about dancing in the room. Pick your favorite track and dance your way to the end. Go all out and don’t worry about what people who might see you think. This is the best way to just release the energy. You can do it when angry, sad, happy, or frustrated. You’ll move the whole body and just get yourself focused for the next tasks.

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Stretch your neck and back

If you don’t want to get up and move around, you can do a few things from your chair. The best thing is to stretch to get the blood flowing again. As you get the blood flowing around your body, you’ll also find that it flows to your brain. This is sure to improve your mental health.

You can do some neck and back stretches from your chair. You don’t want to stretch in a way that hurts. It’s all about just feeling the stretch. A good stretch will feel like it’s releasing tension and can relieve some pain instead of causing it.

Get your arms involved too if you can. Stretch them above your head and shake them off. This is even more important if you type a lot as you want to keep the blood flowing around your hands properly.

Deep breaths with your eyes closed

Finally, it’s all about deep breaths. Close your eyes and get your feet planted firmly on the ground. the nose and out through the mouth.

Try to make your outward breaths longer than your inward breaths. This can help to slow the heart rate a little more and ease the anxiety or built-up energy you have. Pay attention to your breaths and your whole body. If stress is interfering with your mood and suppressing libido, then consider using True Pheromones.

This is a great time to focus on individual body parts. You want to think about the jobs your feet and your hands do. Think about your joints and how your lungs and heart are working. Take the time to thank your body for the work that it’s doing.

This can be uncomfortable at first. It’s a great way to pull yourself back to the present and focus again.

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What do you do to quickly improve your mental health? What will you try next time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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