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Writing Tips

5 Tips to Use that Extra Hour on Your Writing Business

On Sunday those of you in the United States and Canada will get an extra hour in bed. How can you use it to your advantage in your writing business? Here’s how I’ve used the extra hour in the past and what I’ll be doing this year. The extra hour in bed is just one […]

Writing Tips

Blogging Tips: 3 Tips to Say No to Writing Clients

One of the best blogging tips I got when I first started was to learn to say “no” to potential clients. I felt like I had to take on all projects that were thrown my way, even if I had no interest in them or the pay was way too low. There was this feeling […]

Writing Tips

Where Should You Write Samples for Clients?

You need samples of your writing to get clients. I can’t tell you the amount of times you’ll be asked for it. And all clients want samples that match the types of posts that will be shared on their sites or for their audience. Just where do you write samples for clients? Do you write […]

Writing Tips

What’s Holding You Back from Being a Successful Writer?

We want to be this successful writer. But there’s something holding us back. We all have this problem at some point in our writing career. Fear is that one thing holding you back. But fear of what? Just what exactly is holding you back from being a successful writer? What’s stopping you from being like […]

Freelance Writing

4 Tips for Writing When You Don’t Have an Internet Connection

After moving country, I didn’t have a permanent internet connection for three weeks. I won’t lie. It was hell! I had planned for a week without internet, but I thought with three weeks of nothing I’d be lost. I’m not exaggerating when all these thoughts of losing clients and not being able to grow my […]

Writing Pay

4 Tips for Determining Your True Hourly Rate

I’ve spoken in the past about determining your hourly wage. It’s something I’ve mentioned to students in the past and something I recommend in Facebook groups. But how do you determine your hourly rate? How do you know just how much you need to make per hour? This isn’t a case of looking at the […]

Freelance Writing

Being a Freelance Writer: 5 Tips to Stay Thin

From personal experience, working from home as a freelance writer makes it easy to gain weight. You sit at the computer all day and it’s easy to fall into the habit of staying at the desk and not leaving the house. After all, you know you need to keep writing to earn more money. Of course, […]

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